What Is Clinical Pilates?


Clinical Pilates is based on the foundations of traditional Pilates, developed by Joseph Pilates in the early 20th Century. Since its beginning, many styles and variations of this form of exercise have been created. From large group classes in a gym, small classes in a reformer studio or to 1-on-1 sessions with a physiotherapist. Each of these classes serves a different purpose. 

The principles developed by Joseph Pilates, in the early days, are still part of each and every variety. 

All varieties focus on posture, core stability, balance, control, strength, flexibility and breathing, but in different ways. You can read more about the Principles of Pilates over here.

For example, Clinical Pilates offers therapeutic exercises. Perfect for post injury or postpartum. You’ll work with an instructor with a greater understanding of exercise physiology, usually a physiotherapist

They may specialise with treating a variety of injuries or they may specialise in one area in particular, for example, the pelvic floor. 

Whereas, the Pilates method can be purely used for fitness, a method of exercise to keep strong and fit. Your regular pilates class is also a method to prevent injury.

There really are so many positive impacts that you’ll experience from all varieties of Pilates, including more strength, better balance, better posture, increased flexibility and so much more! But let’s take a specific look at Clinical Pilates and its benefits.

What are the benefits of Clinical Pilates?


It’s a more individualised approach. 

Your instructor will look at your body, your strengths, weaknesses and potential injuries to create a set of Pilates exercises specifically designed for you and your individual goals. They will also monitor your workout and can help correct technique. 

Corrects poor posture.

Although all Pilates can do this, sometimes you need some extra help, especially if you have extensive postural issues. Your Physiotherapist will look at your muscles and make a plan to add length and strength to create a healthier posture.


More body awareness.

When you are working with an expert and receiving regular feedback and attention you will become more self-aware of your body and the positions you create. 

You’ll take this ‘off the mat’ as we like to say, but in this case maybe it would be ‘off the apparatus’. When you find yourself slouching at your desk you’ll be faster to self-correct. 

Strengthens pelvic floor.

Although all Pilates classes can strengthen your pelvic floor, if you are postpartum or you have ongoing issues it’s best to see an expert who can offer an individualised approach. A strong pelvic floor will help with issues like incontinence and hernias. 

As we already mentioned, there’s also the overall increase in stability, strength and flexibility but this certainly can and will come from your regular Pilates practice too! Our classes absolutely welcome all of this in under 10 minutes a day.

Really, it’s about looking at your life situation. What does your body need right now? What time do you have available to allocate to Pilates? What can you afford? Clinical Pilates is generally more expensive at around $45-$100 per session. Once you know these answers, perhaps you work with them for a certain amount of time and then move to something more accessible and sustainable. 

We may not be Clinical Pilates instructors but we have worked with them in the past for our own practice! 

With our style of Pilates we love to focus on great technique and form to create amazing results inside and out. It’s the reason why we created the Foundations Program inside MerryBody. 

If you’d like to see what MerryBody is all about, come and try our free 5 Day Progam! You’ll get 5 x 10-minute Yoga and Pilates classes sent directly to your inbox.  Simply sign up here!


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