The best Netflix series! Well, in our opinions anyway.


Funny. Once upon a time we chucked out our TV so we’d get more stuff done. Then some amazing magical human invented Netflix. The end. 

We want to save you from your what to watch next on Netflix? disaster (don’t lie… they happen), so these are our top picks for you!

Also you will see many mentions of boys… hmmm #boyobsessed anyone? 


It’s a Netflix original and it’s amazing… maybe the best Netflix series (and we’ve only watched 2 episodes so far!). We’re pretty sure their target market is teens, so we fall perfectly into this category (haha).

Highschool, drama, love, murder, scandal and cute redhead Archie. The only annoying thing at the moment is that it’s brand new so it comes out weekly. Booo, no binge watching! Totally un-netflix, Netflix!

best-netflix-series-riverdale-1Image via Tv Water Cooler.

Stranger Things

Epic epic epic! Loved it! I watched it (Emma) with Dan and it was freaking scary as. Yes, I screamed and jumped several times each episode. It’s got mystery, weirdness, sci-fi, epic cast and that can’t stop watching vibe. Lucky there are only 8 episodes… but bring on season 2 please!

Gossip Girl

Originally we watched this on DVD (way back) and it was the first Netflix series we ever watched because… xoxo Gossip Girl. So freaking addictive it’s scary. You’ll fall in love with Nate, then Chuck… then Dan. Love Serena, then Blair will be your bestie. Definitely could watch this one again #sorrynotsorry. Best Netflix series and maybe best series EVER… after SATC of course.


The first couple series rock. Harvey Specter is life, like for realz! The one liners, that hair, those eyes.  Yummmy. We love Donna too… she’s got sass #sassgoals Also, the show is all kinds of entertaining. We got bored with the last couple series but. 

best-netflix-seriesImage via Dan Norris 

Friday Night Lights

Yessss. Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose. Coach Taylor is the best and don’t even get us started on bad boy Tim Riggins. We also love Tami Taylor (actually the reason we started watching FNL was because the same actress plays Rayna in Nashville… sorry if you missed out on Nashville… it’s not on Netflix anymore 🙁 you should download it though). If you love high school football movies with all that drama and all that goodness (you know you do), you’ll love Friday Night Lights. We’d never heard of it before so it was a complete gamble… we were hooked! It’s epic. Watch it now.

Vampire Diaries

Far out, looks like we’ve watched a lot of Netflix (haha). Anything with sexy vampires in it wins. Team Stefan or team Damon? We are team both! It feels like there is a billion seasons of Vampire Diaries, you may or may not lose interest by the end.   

The Originals

A spin off from Vampire Diaries and we reckon it’s way better. So if you’re going to do one or the other we vote go OG style. Since nearly every series we bring up the sexy man factor, Klause. He is so bad and so good. SO. GOOD. 

The OA

Another Netflix original and it’s so weird and so awesome in so any ways. We properly binged this one. We’re talking a couple days binge. It was amazing. The dance thing (you’ll know the dance thing once you watch it) is so freaky cool, we wanted to learn it and just go do it somewhere in public and see who knew The OA *whispers*. Magical, sci-fi, weird. 

Mad Men

Seriously, this list is getting long (whoooops). Mad Men is a big investment. We loved it! But we actually never finished it… as you can probably tell we got distracted by other Netflix shows. Mad Men is based on the Madison Avenue (in NYC) advertising scene in the 60’s. We love the nostalgia, the fashion, the ads, the coverage of big historical events. Oh and Don Draper, so bad but fun to watch. We DEFINITELY need to watch the last 2 episodes. Yes, we’re that close to the end!

best-netflix-series-mad-men-1Image via Dr Odd.

Jane the Virgin

There’s love triangles, reminders of why family is so important and yes Jane is a pregnant virgin. There are some crazy story lines, completely OTT and completely hilarious. Love it! 

Other mentions are Narcos and Bloodline. Both epic, but we thought we better stop somewhere.

Ahhh can’t stop won’t stop the Netflix! 

What do we NEED to add? What epic best Netflix series are we missing out on? 

Always merrymaking,

Emma + Carla

Feature image via Huffington Post.

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