What To Wear To Pilates So You Feel Confident!


If you’re new to Pilates workouts we are sure it’s crossed your mind, that worry of what to wear to Pilates. The great thing about an at home Pilates class is that you can wear whatever the heck you want and not have a single worry. 

What to wear to your next Pilates class

You can wear loose clothing if that’s what you prefer. Slim fitting, form fitting, sports bra, no bra! Yes, you can even get out of bed, roll out your yoga mats and do it in your Pjs!

Really the most important thing in our eyes, when it comes to what to wear to Pilates or any form of exercise, is that you feel comfortable!

The world of Yoga and Pilates and fitness clothing has changed drastically over the last 15 years. 

There’s so much selection out there, and finally more options for ALL body shapes and sizes (we know there’s still a lot of work to do there!). But it is great to see changes are being made. We hope that no matter your size, you feel that you have the option to wear whatever you want. 

We remember a few years ago we’d never wear tight crops tops and yoga pants from fear of belly rolls poking out. We grew up in the 90s, flash back to the magazine covers and body ideals of this time and this explains a lot. It was an era of Diet Culture and Fatphobia. 

Now, because of our self-acceptance practice, this does not stress us. If we want to wear the yoga pants and the crops and we have belly or hip fat poking through… fine! 

It feels good to have slowly but surely let go of this mentality and realise the truth! The truth being that all bodies are great bodies! 


Ok back on topic, clothing for Pilates!

What about if you’re heading into a Pilates studio? Or you’re doing Reformer Pilates? 

You can’t exactly wear your Pjs. 

And although comfy, you don’t want to wear your favourite loose fitting shorts.

Side note, we love doing Pilates in shorts, especially in summer when you work up a sweat with a more high intensity style of workout! But we’d go for tight shorts at a studio, no one needs to see our undies! 

We’d recommend you wear yoga tights, make sure they’re comfortable. We know, compression tights are great BUT for us, we prefer the soft buttery kind of yoga pants. 

Our all time favourite tights are the Lululemon Align high-rise pant and because we are shorter we go for the 25″ length. See, Emma wearing them in the image above (Carla is wearing the shorts version!).

Make sure you get the right size, too big and the waistline will roll down. Too tight and they’ll go see through when you bend over. Ooops!

For top half we personally prefer to workout in long form crop tops that are not too low at the chest area. We don’t understand how you can do Yoga or Pilates with super low crops, is it just our boobs that pop out? 

If tight crops are not for you, go for a loose fitting singlet or even a t-shirt on top of your preference of bra. The thing with most Pilates classes is that there’s not a lot of jumping, so if you’re not a fan of super tight sports bras you can get away with a bralette. 

Remember, the number one priority is the comfort factor. The thing with looser tops is that when you bend over they usually end up around your face, which can sometimes be distracting and annoying. 

Also, when in a Studio class the Pilates instructor might want to see your body so they can check technique and form. Depending on the studio you might also need to wear Pilates grippy socks. Also, always bring a water bottle… and then you’re set!

If your worry of what to wear to a Pilates class has got you feeling stressed we hope you now feel a little more excited and empowered to begin your practice. 

A great place to start is with online Pilates classes. Choose classes that won’t create more friction and possible excuses. Go for mat Pilates with no equipment. 

If you’re ready to begin now, then sign up for this FREE PILATES CLASS!


Our classes inside MerryBody range from foundation to beginner, all the way to challenge. There really is an option to suit whatever level you are at. No equipment needed, there is no reformer, no magic circle, no bands required! We also include Meditation, Yoga and Pilates classes so we know you’ll find something you love!

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Always merrymaking,
Emma + Carla

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