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One of the many perks of being a merrymaker is that we get to take our business wherever we want. Yay for online business and blogging! This used to cause quite a lot of anxiety for us as our laptops were ancient and weighed about 100kgs (please note, slight exaggeration). It was no fun lugging our heavy laptops around (mostly from café to café!). We’d end up seeing less of the new city and trying less of the yummy food. Very sad really.

Thank the universe for our lovely new Microsoft Surface Pro 3’s. Now, we are such savvy on-the-go bloggers!

Firstly they only weigh 800g (a huge improvement on 100kg :P). They’re a tablet that can replace your laptop which means EVERY cafe outing can be a spur of the moment ‘merrymaker meeting’. We find we always come up with the best ideas when eating/drinking deliciousness, so our Pro 3’s make it easy to collate all of our notes… and we save paper, YAY! They’re also ultra cute and fit perfectly in to our backpacks, we love backpacks while traveling and no we don’t care what anyone says about backpacks. Backpacks are our cool friends.

Our last Sydney trip was a delicious one, we café hopped and blogged around Sydney.  Of course we shared all of our drool worthy pics on Instagram and Facebook and got a heap of comments asking ‘where to eat paleo in Sydney?’. We heard, we listened… and here’s our list! Not to mention we’ve put this all on our OneDrive where you can instantly download mapped out areas of Bondi Beach, Bondi Junction and Surry Hills of Where To Eat Paleo In Sydney! Just CLICK HERE and save the images to your device!

Where To Eat Paleo In Sydney

Bondi Harvest: Located in Bondi Junction Westfield. It’s like a chilled out hideaway from the hectic shops. We love everything about this place, including their paleo food options. Our pick is to start with the pineapple, cucumber and mint frappe, followed by the salmon or slow cooked lamb with coleslaw salad. Seriously good!

Bondi Harvest

About Life: Love this place! Great for grocery shopping and eating. The best location would have to be Double Bay as it has the best paleo dine in food and a better range of groceries, even a frozen organic veggie section! Other locations include Bondi Junction, Rozelle and Surry Hills.

Henley’s Wholefoods: Located in Bondi Junction and coming soon loads of other locations. All we will say is… Best. Sweet. Potato. Chips. In. The. Whole. Wide. World.

henleys cafe

Paleo Café: Located all around Australia including Bondi Junction (and coming to Canberra soon!). It’s a 100% paleo menu so take your pick! We love the lamb burger!

Ruby’s Diner: Located just outside Bondi Junction in Waverly. We LOVE that they have Kombucha on tap and sell our favourites: Cave Foods!

Earth to Table: EPIC Paleo and Vegan sweet treats (they also do other savoury food but seriously, just go here for the sweets!).

rubys diner

Bondi Wholefoods: Up the road from Bondi Beach and all kinds of yum. Our fave for lunch is salad with slow cooked lamb. They have paleo banana bread (perfect with almond milk coffee) and now they have savoury paleo bread which is the bomb-diggity served with runny eggs! Yum!

Bondi wholefoods

The Suveran: 2 spots located in Bondi Junction and Bondi beach. We always get the sprouted seedy bread with turmeric and macadamia nut butter. Holley deliciousness. Plus, the Bondi Beach location has a delish menu of exotic meats, pizza, quiche and panckes! YUM!

The Hill Eatery: In North Bondi, a farm to plate kinda place. Go for dinner!

Moo Gourmet Burgers: Delicious naked burgers and totally drool worthy sweet potato chips. If only they used better oil!

The Oneness Café: We haven’t been here in a while but we had an epic delicious paleo chicken salad a little while ago. Located in Coogee, it was so good after the Bondi to Coogee walk!

Three Blue Ducksfarm to table, a great REAL FOOD menu!

Thr1ve: Yum and healthy paleo takeaway food. We love the pork bowl with baby spinach and green mango smoothie! Located in the Pitt St Westfield and MLC building in the CBD.


Proteini Café: Simple delish menu, we had the protein toast with avo and tomatoes. Totally got lost trying to find this place, we seriously walked up and down Crown St a lot! Blame Google maps! Lucky for you guys, our map shows you exactly where to go!

where to eat paleo in sydney2


kawa cafe

Bruce Leaves: Get your salad fix here! Salads are made to order so you can take off the non-paleo items. Located in Alexandria and North Bondi.

Venus Wholefoods: Delicious Salad in Surry Hills, not all paleo.

Mr. Crackles: So this place is pretty much a hole in the wall on Oxford St in Kings Cross. It’s definitely a favourite place for people out on the town, but seriously if you love pork belly as much as us. Go! Get a salad and pork belly, ask for no dressing. We haven’t asked about the oil because we know we’ll be disappointed but we don’t care. It’s too good! Oh, they also do cups of crackle. Yep. Cups of crackle!

Nomad: In Surry Hills. We had a super fun dinner here and the staff were ok about making a few changes to paleo-fy our meals! Also, sparkling water on tap got us excited. LOVE IT!

Grill’d: We love this place. It’s all around Australia and perfect for a quick bite to eat. They even have paleo low carb buns! We get the ‘Simon Says’ grilled chicken burgers, with no relish or mayo on a low carb bun or bunless. Next step for Grill’d, change the oil… please?!


Pink Salt: Two words. Pork belly! Yes we may be a little obsessed. Located in Double Bay, local produce, grass fed meats. Love it!

Pure Wholefoods: We’ve never been but their Instagram feed looks all kinds of amazing with lots of paleo options! Plus, it’s in Manly!

As we said, because we love you, we’ve created some maps with all these delicious locations! Download it here from our OneDrive. Yay for technology!

Let us know if we’re missing any paleo restaurants or cafés in Sydney! We will add them to our map!

Always merrymaking,

Emma + Carla

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