Why are Hill Sprints Good for Me?

‘Hill’ + ‘sprints’ are 2 words we don’t usually string together (ok ever). We admit that this year, due to some injuries we have really embraced slower paced exercise like yoga + walking (and we love them both!). Since starting the THR1VE 12 week challenge we realised we need to ramp things up a bit (thanks Josh for the pep talk!)

Welcome to our lives: hill sprints… and to our surprise, we actually like (maybe turning into love) them!

Like us, you’re probably thinking: what are they and why are hill sprints good for me?

Well, you guessed it… sprinting… up a hill! Ok, ok, our hill is more like a slight inclined bridge at the moment but hey! You gotta start somewhere!

This is how it works: we sprint as fast as we can up the bridge, walk down the other side, then turn around and do it all over again. We do this for 10 minutes (that’s it!) and boy does it get the heart rate up. It’s hard (like really hard) but it’s going to be worth it!

Why are hill sprints good for me?

  • super quick workout (we make sure we warm up + cool down by walking for about 15 minutes either side of the sprint session… doing this means we can walk the next day!)
  • high intensity interval training (HIIT) means you get fitter… faster (who doesn’t want this?)
  • builds strength
  • targets different muscles compared to running on flat surfaces
  • great for weight loss
  • you feel amazing + super happy afterwards because of all the endorphins that get released
  • it’s free + it gets you outside!

There is really a lot to love about this kind of training! Our goal is to do this twice a week for the next 11 weeks to coincide with our THR1VE challenge to maximise results! We will keep you posted on our fitness + hill incline progress. A steep grassy hill caught our eye that may just be our next to conquer (eeeek…a little nervous but what’s the worst that could happen?! Right? Right?)

Have you tried hill sprints? We’d love to hear your experiences… did you like, love or absolutely hate? Leave a comment below!

Always merrymaking,

Emma + Carla

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