Will I lose weight following your meal plans?


We’ve had two people email us with this exact question in the last week. No point in keeping this stuff in email land.

Will I lose weight following your meal plans?

Our meal plans are designed to create a sustainable healthy, real food lifestyle. All the recipes are super easy to use PLUS they’re grain free, gluten free, refined sugar free and mostly dairy free (all with dairy free options).  

Everyone is different and there are so many things that impact weight loss eg. hormones, deficiencies (like Iodine deficiencies), sleep, exercise etc etc. But many people do lose weight just after one week following our meal plans. 
We’re personally pretty against calorie counting, we just found ourselves getting obsessed. But we know some people need it, so if you want to calorie count we say go for it. But as you may have noticed some of our meals can be pretty calorie dense! Nuts and coconut will do that.
If you’re used to a low-fat diet, the idea of adding fat back to your diet can be pretty scary.
Bringing the fat back was the best thing we ever did. Get ready for more energy, no more brain fog, fuller for longer and less snacking. 
The only exercise we do is pilates and yoga, a little walking here and there. We follow a Merry diet and we make sure we never over eat. This has allowed us to create a really healthy weight.

This is the best we’ve ever felt about our health and weight (it feels good to write that!).

And we eat delish food like this everyday!  


A great place to start is with the 7 day free meal plan. You can get it HERE. Also, join our free Facebook group.
If you want to make a real go at it, you should definitely look into our next Get Merry Challenge.
This is where we do a 14 day meal plan altogether in a Facebook group. We bring in some of our most favourite health and happiness experts to run live yoga and meditation classes, give talks on sleep, relationships, hormones and more!
The challenge is perfect for you if you need a real hit of motivation.
Get more information on the 14 Day Get Merry Challenge RIGHT HERE!
If you have any other questions, let us know!
Always merrymaking,

Emma + Carla

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