267: I Turned 30, here are my lessons

We were having lunch with our friend, Maddy, and she asked me what are the top 5 lessons that I’ve learned now that I’m 30. Just like Emma’s 30 lessons on her 30th birthday, I thought instead of writing them let’s talk about them!

Stuff we talked about…

  • FORGIVENESS… of yourself and others.
  • Holding on to grudges doesn’t bring any goodness. It only hurts yourself, takes up space in your mind.
  • SURRENDER… and trust the process.
  • Always do your best but let go of the attachment to your goals, relationships whatever it is that you so badly want.
  • Ask yourself this question: How much JOY can you bring today.
  • Create the joy. Feel the joy. Be joy.
  • It doesn’t matter what you look like. We have to learn not to put so much value on our external features and learn to see the beauty in everything.
  • Let go of unnecessary expectations of yourself and others.
  • Learn how to breathe properly.
  • Be grateful for this one life that you have.

Bring on this new decade! Bring on my 30s!

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Always merrymaking,

Emma + Carla

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