363: The 10 Minute Workout

The 10 minute workout can and will change your life in many, many ways. We chat about this and more!

This is what we spoke about during the episode

  • We used to believe with all our hearts, minds that if you did not do at least a one-hour workout, there was absolutely no point.
  • We have to lose the idea that workouts have to be a certain amount of time and that they have to leave you feeling depleted, tired, dripping in sweat and in pain.
  • Emily May, our expert trainer and resident Naturopath within our MerryBody yoga teacher training, emphasised how HIIT workouts can do more harm than good.
  • Diet culture never taught us about the benefits of exercise; we were only taught it’s a tool to lose weight. Can we let go of that single focused goal of losing weight and instead realise that 10 minutes of exercise is helping your body?
  • Don’t work for a summer body, work for your old person body.
  • We go through a bunch of ideas for your 10 minute workouts. Also, check out our 10 minute workouts on our Youtube Channel.

Something is better than nothing. Add 10 minutes of movement to your day and notice the changes.

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