364: Do you lack confidence?

Do you lack confidence? In this episode, we chat about confidence and ideas on how to build it.

This is what we spoke about during the episode

  • Growing up, I used to lack confidence. I was afraid of even the tiniest criticism and forever felt like people would laugh at me.
  • Carla, on the other hand, was more confident. It wasn’t until her late teens that she started to worry about what people thought of her.
  • Having the confidence to be yourself means showing up as you.
  • Knowledge of the ego helps you get out of self-doubt it helps you build confidence. We’ll talk a lot more about this in our yoga teacher training.
  • Discussing our inner thoughts and experiences helps us gain confidence. Allow feedback and constructive criticism.
  • Reflect on your accomplishments through journaling or telling a friend.
  • Say yes to something you’ve never done before.
  • Speak and present in front of people, and ask questions.

Confidence is a topic we love to talk about. If you take on one of these action steps, let us know. We would love to hear from you, send us an email to [email protected] or [email protected] or message us on our Facebook and Instagram accounts @themerrymakersisters.

Also, if you are looking for a course to do to build your confidence, our upcoming 200 hours yoga teacher training program is for you.

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Always merrymaking,
Emma + Carla

P.s if you ever need further help or guidance please contact Lifeline or Beyond Blue. Asking for help is pure courage.

Photo by Caleb Woods on Unsplash

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