37: How Media Coverage has Helped Boost our Brand and Business


In episode 37 on #MerryBiz we talk you through the exact steps we take (and have taken) to get featured on the media!

We’ve been featured across multiple newspapers, magazines and TV and today we want to inspire you to make it happen for your business and brand!

We’re talking traditional media like newspapers, magazines, TV and radio. These channels can still create a certain reputation for your brand, even though many websites reach more people these days. Which means that you can use these steps for everything and anything: media coverage, guest posts, interviews on podcasts, working with brands.

We go into detail in today’s episode but here are the overall steps you need to take to get featured in the media.

ONE: make a list of media outlets you want to be featured on. Keep that list handy and always update it when you find new channels. It’s a good idea to grab their contact details too if you can.

TWO: engage with them online. We’re talking commenting, liking, sharing their content as well as consuming their content (so you can better understand the kind of stuff they like and what they’re looking for in a story).

THREE: email them with an offer they CAN’T refuse. In today’s episode we give you a SUPER tip which will make your pitch even more appealing. PLUS in episode 36 with Janet Murray she gives you an exact pitching strategy (yes… listen to that one!). 

FOUR: follow up and follow up again. But like, don’t be annoying!

FIVE: enjoy yoself! Don’t make this a horrible task. Enjoy the process and celebrate the moments where you are featured! We like to re-share all of our features on the blog right HERE!

Here’s some other tips:

Subscribe to SourceBottle (or something similar).

Self-publish and have an opinion! If you have a blog already… BOOM! Good job. Because your content has the potential to get seen or picked up (like THIS post did for us) and media outlets may contact you for an interview or simply ask to republish your content. Gotta love that!

So take a listen to today’s episode and get inspired to take ACTION to get your face in the media! Yay!

Always merrymaking,

Emma + Carla

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