Why We Are Giving Up Paleo.

After years and years of trying out all the diets.

Including days spent counting our 1200 calories, weeks of sprints every morning and weights every afternoon.

Years of our thoughts revolving around food: the lack of food, what we should or shouldn’t eat, or over-indulging and feeling guilty about it.

Working out so much and eating not enough to the point of see ya later periods and hello messed up hormones (read about how we got our periods back here)!

After YEARS of this… the paleo diet was what saved us. It made sense to us and inspired us to start Merrymakers.

We are very thankful to the gym instructor (thanks Andrew) who mentioned it, the work colleague (thanks Nikesh) who was living it and a random Mark’s Daily Apple email sent to us all in the space of 1 week.

Not sure if you believe in signs from the Universe… but we took it as one giant sign, saying “HEY MERRIES, TRY THIS!”


The Life Changer

We started eating paleo and didn’t look back. It changed our lives in epic ways. It led us to further health study, where we realised that it’s not just food and exercise that makes us healthy (or not healthy). That our thoughts, relationships and what we do/how we spend our days also play a part to health and happiness (a HUGE part).

Which led us to following our bliss and quitting the jobs we hated

Right now, we love what we do everyday and it all started with changing our diets to paleo.

We’re still advocates of the paleo diet, after all, it changed our lives.  

But we want to make sure y’all know we’re not ‘just paleo’.

In fact we’re probably (definitely) way more passionate about people doing stuff they love and getting happy in their heads. Don’t worry… you’ll still find LOADS of paleo recipes right here… but you’ll also start to see other lifestyles as well as plenty of passion/bliss/biz talk

To be quite frank, we’re totally over the negative flack in the media/within the paleo world/within the whole wide world that paleo receives.

We’ve read enough self help books and learned enough to know that surrounding yourself with negativity is never a good thing

Oh… and we also occasionally eat organic corn chips, dairy and sushi and (gasp) wine and cocktails. Because we want to. It’s fun. And it’s all yum. And we feel great.

merry wine

We mix our wine with sparkling water… it’s a spritzer!

The Merrymaker Lifestyle

We’ve decided we live a Merrymaker Lifestyle. When you live the Merrymaker Lifestyle, you eat real food. 

We don’t care if you’re paleo, vegan, vegetarian, bulletproof, etc. The Merrymaker Lifestyle is about adding more GOOD to your life (and your plate!). It’s about REAL FOOD. It’s about less stress around the food choices we make. It’s about filling our whole lives with more joy. Surrounding ourselves with people we love. Doing more stuff we love.


Strict Paleo

We found when we were strict paleo we got way too obsessed and although we were ‘eating right’ it kind of took us a couple steps backwards.

We were like “OH MY GOSH… I CAN’T EAT THAT SALAD! It has one chickpea in it!”

Now that we’re more chilled about things like corn chips, a few cheeky drinks here and there (because fun), sushi, chick peas in our salad etc. we are in a way better head space.

The strict paleo has been part of our journey. But now we are moving forward.

Our one rule for the Merrymaker Lifestyle is: less stress is best! 

It’s all about finding what works for you and knowing that this could change month to month, or even daily!

We are all different, have different values, different financial circumstances, access to different things. We’re all on our own journey with different goals.

Therefore we do not judge when we live a Merrymaker Lifestyle.

We try to understand each other and we show compassion.


After all, when someone falls off the healthy bandwagon the last thing they need is someone barking a set of rules at them (blurghhhh! No thanks!).

They need a friend (a merrymaker) to give them support. To let them know it’s ok and to simply make sure the next food choice is a positive (merry) one.

So… who’s in? 

Always merrymaking,

Emma + Carla

p.s thank you to our Make Life Merrymakers for inspiring this post. Your feedback about the challenge is what sparked this AHA! Moment for us. 

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  1. Well done girls for following your heart, your bliss and your passion. What a brave statement you just released. Super proud of you both. Can not wait to see what the future holds

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  3. Oh yeah! I’m with you there. My version of paleo has relaxed somewhat over the past few years. It’s important to find the place where one is full of energy and health but without the obsession and limitations.

  4. This is an amazing blog post! Thank you so much for posting — I know this approach has helped so many neurotic foodies like myself haha. This blog will change the world

    Love, a recovered orthorexic foodie

  5. Well done ladies and yes live life and be happy you only have one chance. …..you’ve done well your recipes are the bomb and so are you both. …Thankyou for sharing your talent. ……now go and live life anyway you want……..so sorry there has been the flack about paleo for you. …..and look forward to seeing the recipes of new ideas. ….Happy days ahead for you both.

  6. I’m so sorry that you have received such negativity. I’m just starting the Paleo journey at 63 and see Andrew!
    No you don’t need that negativity in your life and thank you for sharing all you have.

  7. Oh thank god we can eat the salad with the one chick pea! I have followed the advice from both Mark Sisson and yourselves, if it doesn’t upset your gut then still have it! I can tolerate dairy so I still have been eating it, in smaller quantities ???? and I have lost 25 kg. I thank you two for most of that loss. I can’t wait to see what you have for the future ????

  8. I’ve found 80/20 keeps me feeling great feeling normal around friends I just don’t eat what I know upsets my body, I’ve found I drink soda water for fiz and add vodka when out with friends.

  9. Well said!! I was all geared up to start paleo this year, purchased the Pete Evans book too. But, every time I mentioned ‘Paleo’ I was hit with a wall
    Of negativity and it was crushing. Crushed my enthusiasm and my intent. The intent is do better to live a healthy and balanced life. However we get there will be different for most as we are all built differently. Thanks ladies for igniting my spark again x

  10. Yaaahhhhhhh !! I can totally understand what you girls are saying. I have come to the same conclusions over the past couple of months. My diet still is Paleo based but I have discovered my world won’t end if I eat a potato or some yummy hot buttered corn !
    And guess what ? I ate some chickpeas this week….mmmmm…so good !!!
    Lack of fruit because of the sugar content was 1 thing that just didn’t resin ate with me following a strict Paleo diet. Why would mother nature provide us with all this beautiful fruit and we shouldn’t eat it ? Just didn’t make sense ??
    One day I came across Don Tolman and Tyler Tolmans teachings and BOOM !!!!! things finally starting to make sense ☺☺ I have even done a couple of Tyler Tolmans juice fasts and feel fantastic !!
    Everyone is different and we all have our own health journeys. The main thing is we just have to REALLY listen to what our bodies are telling us. ????
    Thank you for sharing your journey girls, I’m sure it’s going to help alot of people with theirs ☺x

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    Hi Carolyn! Thank you so much for your comment (we love Mark :)) so happy to hear that you’ve had such huge success with your journey. So happy you are here <3 e + c

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    Thank you Chris! Oh yay! We LOVE Andrew! As we said… we’re HUGE advocates of paleo, but not the stress that can sometimes surround it! So we say, just eat real food and do what works for you as an individual 🙂 🙂 YAY e + c

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    Hi Brenda! Thank you so so so much for your lovely comment <3 One life! That's it! So fill it with fun and love and joy and happiness <3 <3 <3 e + c

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    Thank you for your comment Barice! So happy to hear that you’re feeling much better on your journey! Don and Tyler are great 🙂 🙂 Thank you for being here! <3

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  22. It’s not so much that you are giving up Paleo but adding in some non-Paleo “stuff”. I started eating Paleo in January 2015 as a last ditch effort to control my weight! So 8.5 kg down and feeling great. I consider myself 90/10 Paleo ’cause you gotta leave room for some of the good things in life like coffee, dairy and chocolate!

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    Hey Jan! As the post says, we’re still advocates of paleo! Just dropping the label and adding MORE POSITIVITY and less stress 🙂 🙂 Feels way better! 🙂 e + c

  25. Your mum & dad must be so proud of you both – I would be – I love Paleo and feel much better eating that way but I also have been much more relaxed about situations where you don’t have a paleo option. You are right to leave the stress out of it because food (including fruit) is meant to be enjoyed which is an important aspect of our health as you say – congratulations!????

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    Thanks so much Marg! AND YES, food is meant to be enjoyed! <3 Mum and Dad are the best, we love them lots and yes they are very proud hehe. xoxox

  27. I love what you both stand for and since I have been following the Merrymaker lifestyle, I have never felt better. Some of the paleo diets out there are just too strict and leave you with a feeling of guilt if you eat something off the “no” list. Although I rarely drink alcohol, I still enjoy a good cup of coffee or two each day, without the guilt!
    You are both awesome xx

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  29. I read your post with great interest and completely understand your thoughts on the subject of diet. I had a very dramatic health problem arise 4 years ago and in my search for answers found the SCD diet (Specific Carbohydrate Diet) which helped me at the time then went onto the Paleo Diet but my blood sugar levels dropped too low so I too eased up on the Paleo diet. I have found a happy medium between the two and also eat a selective range of dairy but no processed food. The negativity toward my diet has shocked me as I had been so ill prior to changing my lifestyle (at 69yrs). Thanks girls for this wonderful resource.

  30. Ohhh I LOVE this. I too have been on the journey of crazy hormones, MIA periods and serious health problems from getting obsessive about diet and exercise. I completely get and resonate what you’re saying here. Go you girls! Can’t wait to see what you get up to next.

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  33. Ha, I never call it a diet but I say I live the paleo way. But I do go out to dinner too, have my naughty chia latte nearly every day! Relax and don’t get stressed …. Happy eating. I love it and it is so sensible. Xx

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  35. This post just made me love you girls even more! I have been doing a lot of thinking/reading over the past few months and I think your statement completely sums it up! My whole life has revolved around food for the past 4 years and I am still overweight and unhappy! Time to release the negativity and focus on the healthy and happy. Thank you!

  36. This is great ladies!! i’ve recently done the same thing and feel all the better for it – strict paleo always made me feel like i was missing out so then i would go off the wagon and gorge which is neither healthy or sustainable, now im happy to eat paleo with white rice, goat dairy and legumes – because none of that upsets me and everything is different for everyone. I still occasionally drink and I love cheese – but have it on limited occasions. This is much more sustainable for me and is better for my mental health than stressing about if it’s paleo or not. I commend you on sharing this story and look forward to many more recipes from you

  37. Well done girls! This is what I need to do.. less stress and be more happy while out to dinner with friends and family! healthy choices

  38. Too right girls and well done! i’m finding recently I need to think the same as restricting myself too much, and putting myself up to the criticism of the strict diet, just isn’t making me as happy! thanks for sharing

  39. Um, so this is kind of beautiful. Bless your honesty and authenticity.

    My takeaway-Listen and love your body, your soul, and others. We all have different journeys and needs, and they’ll continue to change as we do.
    And that is worth celebrating! (Maybe with a spritzer, eh?) Thanks for inspiring us in our own journeys, and may they never end! xo

  40. I am with you Jan. I have followed the paleo lifestyle for 2 years now, but leave room for sidetracking. 90/10 suits me fine. Nowadays, I find anything sugary sweet makes me feel physically ill. It’s all about tuning into your body’s needs.

  41. Good on you chicky-babes! I love this direction.

    I’m all about everything in moderation. And a bit of over-indulgence every now and then doesn’t hurt either (Friday afternoon Cosmo anyone?!).

    Have a great weekend 🙂

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    Yay Emma! That’s it! We bet you’ll find the weight loss will just happen. The less stress is best mantra is our all time fave <3 <3 keep us posted!

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    Oh we love your takeaway Naomi! Exactly what we were going for <3 <3 hehe well, why not celebrate?! There is so much to celebrate, right?! <3 HUGE LOVE!

  48. It was because of Paleo that I got to meet YOU at PrimalCon! AND I understand your shift in perspective. I am now traveling the world (currently in Bali), and I realized pretty early on that it’s okay to eat rice. However, Paleo helped me find out that wheat and corn bloat my stomach within five minutes (definitely not making their way back into my diet), that daily movement is key to health, and that I can cheat occasionally (satay! peanut sauce!) and suffer no deleterious consequences — just happy taste buds, joy, and bliss.

    Keep on living your bliss, ladies! Your journey inspires me more than you know.

    ~ Vagabond Queen

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  52. Love this post! A lot of your words could have come out of my own mouth because I had a very similar revelation recently. I went off the rails with my diet for a bit after giving up paleo last year and I paid for it with some serious depression. Come January 1st, I decided to focus on eating ‘clean’ and not worry about cutting out whole food groups like I had done for the previous 3 or 4 years. Now I feel on top of the world! My body and mind are now finally connected and at peace. 🙂

  53. I was so glad to read your post. I was starting to think it was just ME being bad at the Paleo lifestyle when I had a piece of cheese, or a potato or a raisin toast or a latte but the thing was that I still felt fine after having them! In contrast to those who are diagnosed as intolerant to certain foods of course (which I was not) and for whom a pure Paleo lifestyle is a lifesaver. So I wholeheartedly agree that if it does not impact on your health then adopting a “sensible” and practical lifestyle is a much better option.

  54. Thanks girls so much for this statement. I am in a similar position of having tried all the diets and am currently Paleo but am realizing more and more that what TRULY matters is where our heads and emotions are at. We have to be happy, we have to love our bodies and to love life. I think when we get that stuff right, the food stuff matters less. I am learning to lessen the boundaries a bit. So funny that you mention about chickpeas because I am just about to try adding those into my diet again this week! And as for things like wine, coffee, etc. I hope to add those back into my diet also once my health is doing a bit better. Might even one day be able to have some yoghurt or something!

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    Hi Vagabond Queen! YAAAY! Hehehe 😉 as we said paleo was SUCH and is such a big part of our journey, just the less stressful parts of it 🙂 so happy to hear you’re living your bliss too! <3 truly inspiring! x

  60. Gosh, I love this! Thank you so much for sharing so openly with the world. I love everything you both do and look forward to seeing all of your new, not-so-paleo content. This focus on “less stress” resonates with me. My life has changed because of a shift in focus so anything you want to share about that would be so helpful for us all. I truly hope I get to meet you both one day soon and I hope 2016 is an incredible year for you xx

  61. This just might be your best post ever! In the end it’s all about eating real food and loving life. In my case, dairy and grains make me break out, so I avoid them as much as I can without making myself crazy. And I completely believe that our thoughts are more important than anything we put in our bodies. It took me almost 59 years to figure that out, so you two are way ahead of the game. And I just signed up for the free downloads from merrybiz. So excited!!!

  62. Love your post. So true and I agree totally. I discovered Paleo 2 years ago and read it starts with food (the whole 30) this opened my eyes to real food. I followed Pete Evans and read more. followed recipes and enjoyed the food. But I have a family and not all are up for paleo, so a balance have been formed. I have a little dairy, no gluten, some beans and on occassions a hot potato chip or two. I feel better and less restricted to decide for myself what I should and shouldn’t have. I dont necessary class myself as paleo now, but more real food person. keep up the good work

  63. Thank goodness!!! I can now relax a little with the whole Paleo thing now! I get razzed from my neighbours and my family! Paleo infused and inspired but not so strict that it makes it stressful finding places to eat when we go out! Thank you for your honesty girls. I agree just eating clean and healthy without the stress is the way to go to be stress less or even stress free some day! Thanks again MM Sisters – just love love you two! xxo

  64. LOOOOOOOOVVVEEE this how honest and easy – let’s all rejoice and get on board the merrymaker lifestyle! Let’s eat and celebrate real food, different cultures (helllooooo hummus) and stop stressing about the small sh*t! Thanks ladies once agai you have inspired and excited me xx

  65. Great post!
    For me, Paleo plus wine, coffee and small amounts of cheese is a perfect balance!
    It’s grains, sugar and nasty vegetable oils that I find impact me, so I work with the 80/20 rule. The more great (Paleo) food I eat the better I feel.
    When I read negative commentary about Paleo, I always think they clearly haven’t tried it….or are funded by the dairy or grain industry…
    Keep up the great merry-work 🙂

  66. Yep sounds amazing! Im in! I bought ur last book n loved it but ur right sometimes u just hav to destress n chillout. I too got out of the paleo facebook site coz i was attacked for choosing non paleo foods at times. Paleo is severely strict n i found wen on it for 2 mths my body became too acidic n i had to se erely reduce my protein n increase veges n fruit. Since then i hav improved n added kefir n yoghurt to my diet. Anyway good on u girls for standing up 4 wat u believe in! Love ur integrity!

  67. Yesssss!! This makes me so happy. Too often now everywhere I look someone is on some sort of rigid diet and recovering from an eating disorder I find it way too easy to get caught up in all the rules and restrictions of these different ideas of “health”. You girls have always been some of my favourite bloggers and reading this post shoots you guys right up to the top spot! I love your attitude, it’s just REAL and honest! You girls inspire me and i hope to one day have a healthier approach to “health” that doesn’t involve restriction and ridiculous amounts of exercise. Thank you xxxxx

  68. Hear hear girls! Exact same sentiment I tried to echo in Happy Go Paleo. Actually, it was the whole reason for that book – to show people a more relaxed way to do this whole paleo thing. I think there is time and place for a strict paleo diet for people that need a reset of sorts, but there is certainly no need to give up super nutritious buckwheat and white potatoes, and yes, that fresh garden corn with some butter. Love your new direction and focus, and I am sure we won’t be seeing any less of you. Love and hugs from Irey xxx

  69. thank you for your words of wisdom, after the last 5 years of working towards getting healthier and your right read this, read that and what IS the right thing to do — one person says eat plant food but don’t eat beans….then you read yes must eat starch and of course you can eat beans…it just goes on and on. I decided to do as you both have stated, eat healthy whole foods what is best for my body my health conditions. It is still hard giving up sugar and of course all the bad processed and dairy, don’t forget dairy 🙂 I’m a cheese a holic 🙂 but I continue to strive for what is healthy for me.

  70. Well done girls, you’ve hit the nail on the head there! I’m with you! I love & push the Paleo lifestyle but also like to have a little drink here & there, enjoy my bulletproof coffee & love to milk my grass fed cow & drink as much as I like! Yes, even some junk food on the odd occasion, I’m super happy & never been healthier.

  71. Been following your posts, very impressed with your recipes, just found out I am lactose intolerant, have pete Evans paleo book,, have gone lactose free & am much better for it, have tried paleo recipes, don’t follow to the letter, made paleo chocolate, but am not a fan of dark chocolate, is there anything I can do to make it more like milk chocolate, thanks for your posts enjoy them immensely, love your last email, it’s very hard to go completely paleo xx

  72. I totally agree! Having been strict paleo for 3 years I felt I’d reached a plateau. I felt I was missing something…especially quinoa, buckwheat and pulses. I think my body needed some extra carbs so I’ve reintroduced them a few times a week just for variety and with no ill effects. Sugar, sweeteners, alcohol, caffeine and dairy are still no go areas for me though and I’m happy to keep well away! I’m still an advocate of lots of fresh veggies, bone broth, good quality animal proteins, nuts etc. Real food prepared with care and no nasties!

  73. Love this post and couldn’t agree more with what you are saying. I find that sugar and processed foods are what make me feel bad so avoid those but love my lattes, wine and chick peas :)) Keep up the great work! Am so glad I happened upon you two when I bought one of your ebooks on a 99 cent sale a year or so ago. Had never heard of you but am glad I found you. Love your positive outlook on everything!

  74. So true e+c, social media and alike seems to give people the opportunity to put down others. I’ve struggled with being ‘active’ on FB, Instagram, blogs etc partly because of this. So to discover The Merrymakers is such a breath of fresh air – THANK YOU!

    Concentrating on eating ‘JERF’ has helped – eat what works for yourself. So for me it’s a real mix, Paleo,vegetarian, even vegan at time. Listen to your body and what is going on in your life. I’m trying to stress less, build resilience and more importantly have more FUN.

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    Hey Belinda, thank you so much for your comment and support, that really means the world. We hope to meet you one day soon toO! There’s lots planned, including live events for the future, so keep an eye out for sure <3 <3

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    Hey Elizabeth! Thank you so much for your wonderful comment, it made us smile! We are SOOOO excited that you’ve signed up for MerryBiz too, gosh, that is ridiculously exciting that’s for sure! 🙂 Can’t wait to share all the interviews and inspiration with you <3

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    Thanks for the lovely comment Tahli, we’re glad we can be you’re fave bloggers! That makes us smile HUGE <3 We hope we can help you get to where you wanna be, we're always here, if you need extra inspo <3

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    BOOM!Love it Irey! <3 it's much more fun, right? Heheh less of us? Oh no, definitely not 😀 heheheh! HUGE love to you Irey, hope to catch up soon IRL x

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    Thanks Kay! Hmm, it’s the cacao that makes it so darn bitter! Have you tried using cacao butter? 🙂 it’s much more expensive but gives you a more milky flavour!

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  90. Well said and done girls!! I have been a fan of yours and following you both for quite some time and I feel the same way about the Paleo diet. I make alot of Paleo recipes but not exclusively. I also enjoy my grains, I am dairy and wheat intolerant but do indulge myself from time to time. I also dont eat alot of meat and paleo has ALOT of meat in the diet. So I take from it what my body agrees with and also incorporate my blood group diet as well. Keep up your posts, emails and inspirations – because you do make a difference and inspire so many people out there like me!!

  91. So refreshing to read this and have this perspective “out there” in the world! I think sometimes we put so many rules in place because we don’t trust ourselves – but too many rules also means we are more likely to break them, feel guilty, and then trust ourselves even less! It can get crazy. Bring on ditching labels and creating positivity around food, our health, and supporting one another:-)

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  94. Love you girls – too true – just too many rules and regulations out there about what to eat and what not to eat – at the end of the day it’s all about doing what’s right for each one of us, letting go of negativity, being happy and loving ourselves. You two beautiful sisters are amazing.

  95. Rock On – that is awesome news – the paleo way has been one of inspiration and better health for me too. I have struggled with some paleo principles e.g. no organic brown rice – how can that be no good for you. You have been very inspirational and I am sure you will continue to be. Thanks.

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  98. Sorry you’ve received such negativity.
    I just feel that sometimes things are worth fighting for and we need to make a stand.
    If you truly believe in something and all the science behind it, it’s worth the heartache that occasionally comes with it.
    I’m afraid you’ve lost me now. I now question your motives in the first place.

    As Winston Churchill said, ” You’ve got enemies? Good, that means you stood up for something sometime in your life”.

  99. Love your posts and those yummy recipes on your site, have tried a few and purchased your ebooks, have followed you both for some time now, it is inspirational to read this about furthering the way forwards along a happy healthy lifestyle. Too many rules take the fun out of enjoying another choice that can be beneficial towards our health and lives that are ahead for us all. I have followed a healthy meal choice for a number of years now, have dropped 4 sizes and feel great, though I do take vitamins/mineral supps, organic herbs as another form of condiment in place of salt, stay away from breads and sugars, some dairy though I love Cheese and yogurts.
    I make my own Beetroot and sauces from old recipes handed down, drink lots of water, do have the occasional alcoholic drink but like your idea of the wine spritzers.
    Many thanks to the two of you for sharing the “Merry Makers” with us, looking forwards to many more Merry times with you and more great recipes. Keep these coming.
    Cheers xxx

  100. Post

    We agree Bendy 🙂 that’s why we’ve spoken out about our personal story, to help others release the pressure they put on themselves too 🙂

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  102. I read the title and was like Whaaaaatt??? And then read the whole thing and was like… this is how I already follow paleo – with blurred lines. 😉 I’d say at least 90-95% of my diet is paleo – but if we go out and I eat something outside the guidelines, whatevs. So glad you have found what works for you – also, the added pressure you must have had that you call yourself paleo and would stress if you stepped outside of it what people might think or say about it… SO, good for you. A good way to start the new year! Also – say Hi to Emma (nee Johnson) for me. We used to work together in Brisbane. 🙂 xo Leila

  103. Thanks for your refreshing honesty lovely sisters!! ???????????? I found you on Instagram and I will always follow you and your amazing recipes!!
    I am currently studying Nutritional Medicine and I am also questioning whether it is wise to avoid whole food groups for years and years!
    I agree that we need to listen to our bodies and
    Experiment with what works for us and whole foods/ organic where possible and unprocessed
    Will always be my choices but I may also allow a glass of wine, some cheese and some legumes to occasionally cross my palate 🙂
    Big hugs to you both and don’t let anyone knock you down ever!!! ????

  104. I like to call my eating style “predominately paleo” if I have to label it at all (which I’m frequently pressured to do). So, so with you on the organic corn chips (yum!) Also thrilled to read you’re fellow drink geeks like myself, what’s not to love about mixing wine with sparkling water 🙂 Keep on rockin’, MMs!

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  108. Most people are encouraged to follow an eating plan 80:20 – 85:15. What you describe doesn’t sound like you gave up Paleo at all, it sounds like you went from strict Paleo (100%) to 80:20– which is what most people following Paleo are doing.

    Am I off the mark?

  109. Post

    Hi Sara, we are just eating real food and leaving any labels coz they bring negativity and we don’t want it in our lives. This is what the post means to us, you read it and decide what it means to you 😉

    So you may be off OUR mark, but your bang on YOUR mark!

  110. Post
  111. Hi Girls. What an awesome post. Totally agree with your ethos. It took me about 3 yrs to get to this same point and I was so stressed over food at one point that my hair was dropping out and I couldn’t sleep. Unreal hey? To think you could get stressed over food!?!?! A friend of mine was totally outted by her paleo friends when they saw an image on Facebook of her standing in her kitchen with a packet of pasts just visible on a bench, it was her 16yo’s pasta as he refused to eat anything else. She explained this to them, but you should of read the nasty comments they all posted. Negativity, who needs it? Again, just wanted to say I think what you’ve said is totally awesome! Being happy AND healthy is the most important combo of ingredients for a brilliant life.

  112. Sara,

    Great attitude to have! So basically what you eat fits well within the Paleo template as recognized by people following the Paleo WOE, you’ve just decided not to label it paleo any longer.


  113. Post

    🙂 🙂 🙂 plus we eat corn chips when we want, sushi with white rice, a few legumes and dairy. Enjoying peanut butter in our smoothies right now. We are just eating real food, gluten free, refined sugar free. But mostly the big change is a less stressed approach, adding more joy to life in general, realising that what you do everyday impacts health (ie. job/home life), bringing new things into life, the importance of relationships, spirituality, positive mindset etc etc. 🙂 excited to write more on these things 🙂 xoxox

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    Hi Katy! Thanks so much for your comment! That sounds awful about your friend 🙁 The exact reason we want to leave the label (and because we have changed up our diet… corn chips hehe). We are so happy you’re in a better place now and we’re so happy you found us! <3 Sending you huge love. xoxoxoxox

  115. While I appreciate that this is different for the two of YOU, your new approach is not actually different than anyone eating 80:20 Paleo. They eat strict Paleo 80% of the time and things like corn chips, sushi with white rice, a few legumes and dairy too the other 20%.

    In fact, ALL of the foods you mention are “grey area” foods that are considered perfectly Paleo once you know you tolerate them. Many never had a stressed approach to Paleo to begin with so for them, your new less-stressed approach is their everyday Paleo.

    You’re still eating very much within a basic Paleo WOE. It’s Paleo without the label. =)

    If the key was just to eat whatever you want, whenever you want, no one would need to pay for a food plan, so obviously there are limits somewhere.

  116. Post

    We never said we were doing any thing new. 😉 we’re just changing what we do. This blog is ‘The Merrymaker Sisters’… that’s us! We write about stuff that happens to us, in our life, what we’re eating, what we’re doing. Cool! Ok! Awesome 🙂 Have a great day! <3

  117. Awesome! I have just bought your ebook but I don’t want to be defined by a label too. I would like to be mostly paleo but I want to eat humus and sometimes beans! I think too often people feel they need to fit into a box but why? One day maybe I eat mostly vegan, maybe the next day it’s paleo, maybe I fancy living dangerously and eating beans! I am what I am and that is a work in progress as I have found when I try and go cold turkey it results in eating tim tams etc. so I just take each meal as I can and try to make it all a bit healthier. Who needs to be criticised, it is only food after all and it doesn’t make us a bad or good person, just like judging people on their shape and size! People don’t win nobel prizes for having a cute arse or for eating a particular way!

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  119. I’m with you girls. It’s hard to be super strict Paleo especially when you go out because there are sooo many yummy things that are not strictly Paleo. I’ve decided to call myself a Flexitarian now. I don’t understand how eating meals made from meat and vegies became weird, but there it is. Anyway, I’ll still look forward to seeing all your recipes pop up in my email and facebook.

  120. Dear sisters, you speak straight from my head and right to my heart. This is what its all about. I entered this paleo world on summer 15 and even though I´m a strict eater when I am at home, as soon as I´m outside with other “normal eating” people I don´t follow the rules 100%. Go out without a glas of wine or cocktails? No more cheese on my pizza? OMG I would kill myself if I would never ever again eat popcorn at the movies… I do feel better with paleo but on the other hand I wasn´t sick without it either. I love your site and instagram and I´ll keep following you 🙂
    P.S. Just did some of your delish paleo chocolate with some fruits and nuts fillings. It will be on my Blog soon, of course with your name, hashtag and link under it 😉

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  123. That’s the key I reckon! Don’t be so hard and fast on “rules”. I’ve done all kinds of diets including Cohen’s, WW, Jenny Craig, paleo etc. This year I’ve decided to just make healthy eating habits. I’ve cut out most carbs but still eat them at dinner in moderation. I don’t follow any diet plans or take any supplements. It’s working for me. I’ve lost 7kgs in 9 weeks and loving my new eating habits. ???? Good on you girls for being realistic and down to earth! Love your work!

  124. Wise words from wonderful women. I love reading your blogs and trying your recipes. I am 44 and have been paleo for almost 12 months and love it but I to love a glass of wine and the occasional forbidden thing and lifes too short to give up the little indulgences. Keep motivating us all to be the best versions of ourselves.

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  128. Yay beautiful Emma and Carla, totes get what you are saying, I have been a follower from the early days, going right back to your beautiful food at the wellness retreat I attended a few years ago, and I love your consistent joyous messages, and although I love the Paleo principles, being a JERF, is ok too, so let’s JUST EAT REAL FOOD, and be joyous, and celebrate…….though I feel damn good no grains, I still love good quality cream and butter……life is good, thank you for being brave enough to jump off the bandwagon of Paleoness, though I do respect all Paleo followers…….

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  132. Well done beautiful ladies for your inspirational wisdom. I checked out the Paleo way of eating about 18 months ago and found that it fit in pretty well to my lifestyle as I am both Dairy and Gluten intolerant, however I found a few restrictions made me feel guilty. About 3 months ago I embraced the non-guilt eating of fresh and healthy foods, whether they were Paleo or not, was a way better option than being so strict and sticking to a particular “diet”. I am way more happy, I indulge in occasional treats, without feeling guilty and I have lost a bit of weight in the process. I am not letting my thoughts get in the way, but celebrating my happiness over incorporating good healthy habits into my lifestyle for myself and my family.

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