401: Welcome to 2024

Welcome to 2024! We feel like the first month has just been jampacked. Emma just got back two weeks ago from her 6-week trip to Rome. Her jetlag took about a week to get over (longer than normal!) but now we are back into everything in Merrymaker land. Can you believe it, on Sunday we’ll celebrate our 11th year in business.

On 17th of March, we’ll start our 2nd round of Yoga Teacher Training. The first round was a huge project that was way bigger than we thought. This round is all about refinement and making small tweaks to make the program flow even better. We already have 21 amazing women joining us and the Early Bird special closes today, so if you have an inkling to join us, visit our site.

This is what we spoke about during the episode

  • Surrender: our word for the year 2024
  • We can only plan and implement so much, so having the intention of surrender reduces suffering and makes life more enjoyable.
  • Letting go and trusting our path to create a more content and less stressful, anxious life.
  • Our annual challenge, 21 Day I’m Already Amazing Challenge. If you’re not a MerryBody member, you can still join us with a one-off payment.
  • We are also running a live half-day urban retreat on the 17th of February on the Gold Coast, featuring Andrew, our philosophy teacher inside the Merry Body Teacher Training. Use the code MBLOVE and get some nice discounts for you, your friends, and your family.
  • Carla’s having a baby.. and it’s a boy! 

In the next week’s episode, let’s all experience Rome, as Emma shares her experiences during her 6-week trip.

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Always merrymaking,
Emma + Carla

P.s if you ever need further help or guidance please contact Lifeline or Beyond Blue. Asking for help is pure courage.

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