5 Mantras To Help You Lose Weight.

Disclaimer: let’s remember that losing weight does not always equal better health. BUT we’re still going to share our 5 Mantras To Help You Lose Weight.

Flash back 3 years and we were 2 very very different girls.

You’d find us thrashing our bodies every morning with High Intensity Intervals, plus EVERY afternoon with a heavy weight session. Say what? That’s ALOTTA gym.

We restricted ourselves to a diet that consisted of: protein shakes, rice thins, chicken breast, vegetables, apples, strawberries and ‘natural’ low fat yoghurt. #truestory

We did this for 12 weeks straight and we reached our goal weights (aka stick thin) BUT along with our ‘perfect bodies’ we were tired, moody, cold all the time and our periods completely stopped. Our bodily functions literally started to shut down.

Safe to say that our idea of ‘health’ was to simply lose weight. The lower the number on the scales… the healthier we thought we were.

Definitely not healthy and definitely not happy. Which was strange… because we’d always say “When I weigh XX kilos… THEN I’ll be happy.”

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Losing weight, putting it back on, losing it again and no matter what, we still believed we were ‘fat’. Our brains were filled with negativity about ourselves, especially our bodies.

Finding paleo saved us. Paleo allowed us to realise that it’s not all about weight loss. That we need to feel GOOD inside our bodies, brains and soul too. Plus! We get to eat delish food like this…

paleo melon kale salad
Paleo allows us to find our optimal weight without feeling restricted or making ourselves sick. Yes, it’s going to take longer than 12 weeks… in fact, we’re still finding ours! But it’s sustainable and you won’t yo-yo like a yo-yo!

Yep! That’s right, a by-product of eating real, unprocessed, uncrappy foods and enjoying non-thrash-your-body-style exercise will most definitely result in your body finding its optimal weight.

Unless of course you go cray cray on the nuts and make these other mistakes we first made when living the merrymaker life. Hence the still finding our optimal weight thing!

OK! Now we’ve got that straight, our 5 Mantras To Help You Lose Weight are going to make more sense.

We know they might sound weird but we reckon it’s time to start thinking about our goals a little differently.

Let’s take the focus away from numbers, e.g. I want to lose 10 kilos, and focus on our feelings, e.g. I want to wake up and feel energized for my day. Sound good? Good!

happy merrymakers
See… happy (eating) merrymakers!

Wow, that was blah blah blah!

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ONE: I choose to eat when I’m hungry and I choose to eat food that’s going to nourish my amazing body!

This one is good for when you have those snack-attack moments. We ALL know those moments. When they happen, have a glass of water and ask yourself this out loud.

“Am I actually hungry?”

If you actually ARE hungry… then choose something real, satisfying and DELISH! Oh! What a coinkydink… we have HUNDREDS of recipes right here! AND a BRAND NEW HARD COPY BOOK (oh and eBook)… yes, we are VERY excited about this (you probably wanna check it out!).

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TWO: I am Trim, Taught and Terrific!

We got this one from Louise Hay. We think the reason it works (for us) is that it’s so super fun to say! Sometimes we meditate on this affirmation or we say it out loud during our morning walks. Think we’re crazy? Give it at try and then let us know what you think!

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THREE: I am blessed to exercise!

No have to’s or choose to’s about it. If we can… then we are BLESSED to move our bodies in a healthy, healing way!

Next time you want to lie in bed a little longer or watch another episode of Girls… get up, and say it out loud: “I AM BLESSED TO EXERCISE” (inspo from Lewis Howes on this one!).

FOUR: Healthy girls (and boys!) take the stairs!

This one is fun, especially when you’re with a friend… or sister… we often say it out loud at airports and train stations! Not many others take the stairs but we pride ourselves in it! Yeah! It just gets you in a littler extra exercise every day!

FIVE: I 100% accept and love my entire body just as I am, right this moment.

This one sounds weird right? But you will never LOVE your body until you start practicing this! We are so used to pointing out the things we hate or dislike about ourselves… let’s stop that, that’s seriously not fun and really does no good for anyone.

Instead? It’s time to focus on what you LOVE! Even if you feel like you’re lying to yourself when you start this affirmation… eventually, you will LOVE your body and you’ll start making decisions based on someone who LOVES their body.

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Merrymaker Sweetener Free Chocolate Is Good For Me!

That’s right… all that’s in our sweetener free choccy is coconut oil, cacao, nuts, vanilla and salt. SO! We say, if you’re craving a lil piece of somethin’ somethin’ (aka chocolate) make it a piece of merrymaker chocolate! Yeah… we thought you’d like this extra bonus fun affirmation!

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sweetener free chocolate

Got an affirmation that helps you lead a healthy, happy life?! We wanna know about! Share it with us in the comments section!

Always merrymaking,

Emma + Carla

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