The Gratitude Lesson we Learnt from Lewis Howes.

gratitude lesson with lewis howes

You already know that we seriously had our minds blown at the TTT conference in the beautiful Philippines! In this post we talk key conference takeaways along with the general awesomeness and fun we had! But we want to share more!

Today we go a little deeper in to one lesson we learnt from Lewis Howes.

Since our merrymaking journey began we’ve seriously flipped our mindset (with amazing results), we live in the present (THE NOW!) and we practise gratitude everyday.


We’ve become happier, healthier versions of us, we continue to work on this and always will. 

Since following our bliss (aka merrymaking) full time our happiness levels have shot through the roof! They’re seriously sky high and this is why we want you all to find and follow your bliss (passion, purpose or dreams)! Because happiness as your default is possible and following your passion will lead you there.

We’re proof in the paleo pudding… below is REAL paleo pudding (find the recipe here!).

Paleo 5 Minute Blueberry Mousse2

A simple lesson Lewis Howes from The School of Greatness gave us during his epic closing keynote has helped us step it up a level.

Huge YAYs, thank yous, virtual hugs and high fives to Lewis Howes! 

Instead of telling you about it we’re asking you to do it with us… so get a super friend and follow these steps, or simply say it out loud to yourself…

ONE: Think about and tell your partner (or yourself) all the things you have to do.

Example: I have to pick the kids up after school OR I have to pay my rent/mortgage.

TWO: Now your super friend does the same.

THREE: Think about that original list from step 1 and re-phrase it to items you choose to do.  

Example: choose to pick the kids up after school OR I choose to pay my rent/mortgage.

FOUR: Now your super friend does the same.

FIVE: Think about that original list from step 1 and 3 and re-phrase it as items you are blessed to do and add a reason.

Example:I am blessed to pick the kids up after school because I have 3 amazing, healthy children OR I am blessed to pay my rent/mortgage because I have a roof over my head and live in a safe environment.

SIX: Now your super friend does the same.

How do you feel… NOW?! Uhh… amazing, right?

lewis howes is our favourite

We’re changing the ‘have to’s’ to the ‘choose to’s’ and again changing those to the ‘I am blessed to’s…because’

Can we see/hear/feel that AHA! moment?!

We’ve been using this simple lesson everyday and it’s making an impact!

Like when we’re going through our overflowing inbox, instead of looking at that job with dread and feeling frustrated we’ll say “we’re blessed to receive these emails because we love our jobs!”

Or when we are going for a walk and complaining about the cold, we now say: “we’re BLESSED to walk outside because we are able and healthy.”

This is a super easy, amazing way to turn frustrations in to moments of gratitude.

Not a fan of the word ‘blessed’?

We had a conversation with a friend who felt the same, they didn’t relate to the word ‘blessed’ and we totally 100% understand this.

So, for you guys we recommend to use the word ‘stoked’.  We’ve started using both! And guess what… we’re super blessed and seriously stoked to be passing this lesson on to you all! Here’s a complete guide to gratitude, we’re also featured in the article which is pretty damn epic!

We’d love to hear from you after you do this exercise. Or let us know if you have any other tips or reminders for bringing more gratitude in to your life.

Always merrymaking,

Emma + Carla 

p.s we are BLESSED to write this blog post for you!

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