5 of our favourite paleo sweet treats.

Making paleo sweet treats is all kinds of fun! We’ve swapped sugar for natural sweeteners, flour for nut meals, vegetable oils for coconut oil, dairy milk for almond milk + chocolate for raw cacao (+ this doesn’t even touch the edges!). Swapping + even leaving out ingredients sometimes means that of course there are faileos (paleo gone terribly wrong) along the way. But this is all part of the journey + merrymaker adventure.

Paleo restrictions don’t stop the delish factor when it comes to sweet treats (check out the above image… drool factor = 100) + today we share our favourite 5 paleo sweet treats that seemed impossible but somehow worked out! Adventure or what?!

‘Snickers’ cake… wait what?! Yep, a cake… that tastes like snickers… minus the nasties!

Cookies with macadamias… they don’t sound that adventurous BUT they’re the perfect snack to take on adventures… so it fits.

Brownies… Oh. My. Food. When we share the key ingredients (sweet potato + avocado) we just wait for their mouths to drop!

Blueberry ‘cheesecake’… wait, you said no dairy?! Tastes like cheesecake, feels like cheesecake… but it ain’t!

Chocolate. That’s right, chocolate that is actually good for you. Not kidding. We’re serious.

Before you think paleo means no more fun in the kitchen… think again!

Always merrymaking,

e + c

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