5 reasons to build your core that have nothing to do with a 6 pack


I don’t have a 6 pack, but I have a strong core. A 6 pack is not all that important, it won’t necessarily make life better… but a strong core is very important and it 100% will make your life better. 

If a 6 pack is your goal… go you, nothing against that goal! But… about 7 years ago I did lose a stack of weight, I did a lot of weights and I had well-defined abs.

I also had no energy, my period disappeared for 2 years after and I created a hormone mess.  I’ve FINALLY got this mess balanced! Since then… a 6 pack has never been on my goals list. 

5 reasons to build your core strength that have nothing to do with a 6 pack:

best Pilates core exercises to strengthen the abs and core muscles

ONE: You use your core during almost every single movement you do every single day!

When you bend to pick something up, when you sit, when you stand, when you get dressed, when you have a shower. When you build your core strength these movements become easier. This is especially important as we age!

TWO: A strong core promotes better posture and less slouching.

When you stand tall with your shoulders back, your heart opens you feel more confident and your brain literally functions better (we didn’t make this up, some smart person from Harvard said it!). We know from personal experience, working on our postures has helped us feel more confident in ourselves let go of self-doubt and fear! That’s a huge bonus!

THREE: Your core helps you stay stable and balanced.

This means, when you lose your footing you will be more able to stay upright instead of falling meaning less risk of injuries. Again, super important as we age and NOW is the time to focus on it.

FOUR: Fewer injuries!

If you play golf, swim, walk, run, play tennis, bowl, hike, kayak (ok you get) you use your core. A stronger core will help you win… hehe, kidding, but it will mean you’re less prone to injury and potentially could up your game!

FIVE: Less pain.

Maybe the most important! Strong core muscles help stabilise your back, meaning less back pain!

I teach Pilates and you’ll never hear me talk about building your 6 pack, you’ll never ever hear me talk about losing your muffin top… and I will NEVER ever talk about burning calories. 

Hate is a strong word, so I’ll say that I strongly dislike it when I hear this said in any type of fitness or movement class. It’s just not my jam and doesn’t motivate me at all.

What you will hear me bang on about is how you’re getting stronger with every crunch, plank hold or booty lift, and how good it feels to simply move! 

If you’re like…

….hmmm cool! I wanna strengthen my core!

Then you are going to LOVE this 3 day MerryBody Core Program. It’s free to join, simply sign up over here!

3 days of core focused classes designed to build your core strength, promote better posture and create inner-confidence! And yes! During the Challenge your abs are going to get the BEST workout.


Always merrymaking,


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