Should Men Do Pilates and How Can I Get Started?


Can men do pilates? ABSOLUTELY. Pilates typically has a reputation for being a women focussed exercise, however it is perfect for all genders and types of bodies! If you are worried about whether men can do pilates, there is no need. Pilates classes are diverse and welcoming to everyone, and come with a huge range of benefits on your core strength, flexibility, control and general muscle movement. 

Pilates Was Originally Invented By A Man, For A Man!

Originally, Pilates was invented by a man named Joseph Pilates. In fact, it was even designed specifically for Post War Veteran men to help them recover and heal. 

Pilates then went on to take his method of movement over to New York City and this is where it really caught on. 

People began to realise the amazing outcomes Pilates could bring, it sparked a global interest for all genders for this mind-body exercise. In 2018, the number of participants (in the US) of Pilates training amounted to approximately 9.08 million. And that’s just in America!

Here is Pilates himself, don’t worry, you’ll build-up to this move. And even if you never get to this point, it doesn’t matter, the options all the way up to this point are just as effective! 


What Can Pilates Add To Your Life?

Pilates sessions focus on strengthening muscle groups with strong core power, greater control and increases to range of motion. During Pilates exercises you will find yourself paying a lot of attention to neglected muscles too, giving power to weaker areas and preventing injury. Holding the varied poses and stretching muscles is also key to improving postural stance.

In the beginning, you may struggle to find a flow to your Pilates. But keep going, or maybe try another style! It’s all about creating a consistent practice. By practising Pilates daily, movements are stronger and you’ll feel more confident.

You’ll also begin to notice amazing changes within your every-day-life. You’ll strengthen powerhouse muscles but also the small stabiliser muscles. Pilates exercise focuses on driving strength through your core to power movement and balance, pushing to improve flexibility from holding movements. 

Different Pilates Methods Include The Following:



Classical Pilates uses the original, traditional system formed by Joseph Pilates. These are performed in the same steps as he had intended back in the 1920s. 

Some swear by the Classical variety of movement, however, for us personally we don’t love each and every one of these traditional movements. And we think some of his movement could potentially cause more damage than good. We also like a bit more creativity with our movement. 


Contemporary Pilates is inspired by the traditional system, however has been modernised for the exercises to fit with recent research. There is also an allowance for more creative individuality and personality within classes. 


Mat Pilates, speaks for itself, you will use a mat to perform exercises. This is our preference as it’s just so accessible. All you need is some space, a mat and a great online class (like this one from our YouTube Channel!). 

If you give this core-focused class a try, let us know all about it!



Reformer Pilates is done using a machine, called the Reformer, movements performed on the flatbed with a spring and pulley system. You will feel resistance as you push and pull against springs.


Clinical Pilates is used postpartum, after surgery or some sort of injury. It may be used as rehabilitation to get your body back on track to its powerful self!

Finding the right class for you will depend on your specific needs. However, all of the methods will provide both the physical and mental well-being benefits that Pilates has to offer.

Where Can I Practice Pilates?

You can practice Pilates by visiting any classes in your local area, or online, YES you can do Pilates online!

If you’d like to try out our Pilates classes, you can sign up to our FREE 5 Day Program.


You’ll get access to 5 of our 10 minute Yoga and Pilates classes. It’s the perfect place to start!


It really is the perfect way to experience Pilates, especially if you’re not super keen to go into a real-life studio. You’ll also receive support and guidance from us, Emma and Carla, your instructors. If you have a question on technique or you’re having trouble with a particular move, we are only a message away to help.

Always merrymaking,
Emma + Carla

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