50: Epic Entrepreneurial Travel Chats with Us and Dan Norris


We had the most AMAZING 2 weeks travelling together with The Dan Norris (if you’re wondering why Carla always Dan, The Dan Norris, it’s because all of his social profiles are @thedannorris…). 

This podcast is filled with a heap of fun stories and learnings. Some of the key stuff we talk about is below… we think you might giggle a fair few times during episode! We also drove a Tesla during our road trip… and we talk about that. And it was FUN! See below… 


Recharging our tesla and checking out the newest model X! It’s crazy amazing! This car is electric! No petrol! Heck to the yes! And these doors! ???????????? #startersandmakers @teslamotors

A video posted by Fun Healthy Real Food Recipes (@themerrymakersisters) on “This was the first time the 3 of us were going to travel together, so it was gonna be interesting, because 1: we had never traveled together ever… the 3 of us. And 2: that’s why it’s interesting.” 


Travel advice from Dan:

  • Don’t drive in LA
  • Don’t have someone in the front sit who points to the wrong road to go down
  • Buy headphones.
  • Bring neck pillow.

We tell a REALLY funny story in the beginning that will make the second point of advice make sense. 

Here’s us having delish dinner in San Louis Obispo!


We attended the Miracle Morning Mastery Event in Chicago… holey moley it was amazing! We wrote a whole post about it HERE!

“Morning rituals put you in a good place and set you up for an amazing day.”

“The whole conference made me realise how much we need to set aside time for personal development.”

Here’s us by the big bridge in San Fran!


Hello San Fran! You are pretty! You are fun! Yay! #startersandmakers

A photo posted by Fun Healthy Real Food Recipes (@themerrymakersisters) on


When we were on our road trip we listened to HEAPS of podcasts! Including episodes with:

  • Danielle Laporte
  • Liz Gilbert
  • Steven Pressfield
  • Russel Brand
  • Seth Godin

Driving with podcasts = fun. Podcasts with epic people = epic. 

“We are unapologetically optimistic.” 

“The things that make it really hard for you to create something… might be the thing that makes you create something even better.”

“Travel is awesome for creativity and getting outside your comfort zone.” 

We also stopped off in New York… because FUN!

Where’s the BEST place you’ve travelled to? Tell us all about it in the comments below!

Always merrymaking,

Emma + Carla

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