65: How to Live a Bold Life and Stop Caring What Others Think with Kimberly Rich


Today’s guest is the creator of The Bold Life Movement; a success coaching firm and popular podcast on iTunes.

She empowers people worldwide to embrace unconventional living, to create life on their own terms and to live audaciously in the pursuit of happiness.

We are so super excited to welcome Kimberly Rich to the #MerryBiz podcast. This episode is THE GOODS!

Take a listen!

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“Allow some room for a little magic.”

Some questions we asked…

  • What is the bold life movement? What does it mean to live a bold life?
  • What’s your feelings around fear? What do you do to get over fears?
  • What’s the coolest thing you’ve learned lately?
  • How important is it to really nurture real life relationships?
  • How do you ‘find’ your authentic self?
  • Do you have a morning ritual?
  • Take us through your goal setting process.

“What does your ideal life look like? Set goals to reach that.”

Some AHA! Moments in this episode…

  • The importance of balancing masculine and feminine energies (further listening here).
  • Why learning to say “no” is so powerful.
  • How to understand your business desire and link it to your personal desires. 
  • Why you need to listen to those gut feelings, do not ignore them. 

“My business is growing at the exact rate that I can handle.”

Links to the stuff we talked about…

The Bold Life Movement website 

Mike Vardy’s theme days


We want to give a HUGE shout out to the amazing guys of Drawing North for providing the podcast music of #MerryBiz. Yes, they are kinda epic. You gotta check them out! This is our favourite song!

What was your biggest AHA!?

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