66: Live Interview with Melissa Ambrosini, Epic Chats: Relationships, Meditation, Mindset and SO Much More

melissa ambrosini

In today’s epic episode we welcome Melissa Ambrosini back into the studio! If you missed her first episode on #MerryBiz, head back to episode 7! But this one has some serious EPIC moments that will leave you feeling extra inspired and generally amazing.

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If you want to be the best version of yourself you’ve got to say “yes” to you. This sometimes means saying “no thank you” to  others.

Some questions we asked…

  • What’s happening in your world? How’s work going? What’s new? Can we even call it work? What do you call it?
  • How do you choose what you do next in your business?
  • What about if you feel like you’re ‘full’ but you fall in love with someone who isn’t ‘full’?
  • How often do you meditate?
  • What type of meditation do you do?
  • (Social Media and Email) How do you deal with making sure you’re still taking action to reach your goals but you’re doing in a way where you’re tuned in?

“You can’t control what’s going to happen in the world. But you can control the way you react.”

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Some AHA! Moments in this episode…

  • Following your gut is always a feeling, you can’t really logically explain it, where fear is more dialogue in your head.
  • We can choose in every moment to react how we want to react.
  • Why relationships are an incredible playground for personal growth.
  • The way you cultivate awareness is by coming back inside to your true self.
  • The power of changing your state.
  • Why you need to learn to be fully present.

“Don’t wear multitasking as a badge of honor… just be present.”

Links to the stuff we talked about…

Melissa’s website

Social media: @Melissa Ambrosini on everything!

“Choose love over fear.”


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What was your biggest AHA!?

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