3 Day Introduction to Meditation


When we first started meditating we felt so overwhelmed by all the techniques, the apps and ‘best practises’.

Meditation is a tool used to reduce overwhelm not create more! And this is why we found success in simplifying EVERYTHING.


This course is for you if you want to…

  • reduce your stress and anxiety levels.
  • calm down your busy overthinking and over analysing mind.
  • become less reactive in stressful situations.

    Over 3 days you will receive:

    • 3 daily audio guided meditations.
    • 3‌ ‌daily‌ ‌video‌ ‌classes to give you the motivation to create your meditation practice.
    • Simple action steps to create a consistent meditation practice to help you live with less stress and calm your busy mind.

      The meditations and classes will be sent directly to your inbox. All you need is an internet connection to stream.


      Here’s how the MerryMind Meditations have already transformed lives…

      Spending time focusing on my mental wellbeing was what I had been missing for so long. Now I can feel joy and gratitude every da by changing the way I think and finding the positive in every moment. I am perfectly imperfect and sometimes forget, but it doesn’t take long for me to remember to focus on the now. Maree, MerryBody Member
      I like that the MerryBody meditations are focused on letting go and welcoming in warm feelings. When I need to be reminded or just simply to stop and deep breathe, I like that I can pick from the library depending on what I need in that moment. It’s a pick me up.Tiina, MerryBody Member
      Meditation has certainly helped me to get better sleep, feel rejuvenated when I wake, calmer during the days and overall less stressed out. Teamed up with yoga it’s the best combination ever!
      Gillian, MerryBody Member

      We’re Emma and Carla, founders of The Merrymaker Sisters and MerryBody (and real life sisters). We are Yoga/Pilates and Meditation teachers.

      We help over 200 000 people every month through our books, App, Online Studio and Podcast.

      Creating a Meditation practise and using breathing techniques allows us to move through life in a less stressed, calm and non-reactive way.

      We used to let things like traffic, awful emails and all those little things stress us out and impact our days for much longer than they were worth (maybe even weeks, months, years!).

      Meditation has taught us to be present, to let go of all the stuff that doesn’t really matter and live life in a calm, kind,  joy filled way.

      It’s much nicer.

      We can’t wait to begin our 3 Day Introduction to Meditation with you, where you will learn how you can do the same!


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