7 reasons why you always fail your New Year’s goals


New Year’s goals are usually complete and utter failures. However, the reason for this could potentially be you’re creating goals that actually suck.

Yes, it could be the fact that you’re choosing Netflix over a workout each and every night. Or maybe it’s just that you’ve chosen a workout that you hate, maybe running, instead of one you love, like Yoga.

It might not actually be YOU who is always failing, it’s just that you failed at creating a good New Year’s Goal.

Do you get where we are coming from?

In this post we’ll continue to use exercise as the goal, it’s a very easy example for us to use, but all these tips interchange for all aspects life.

Business goals, relationship goals, goals with hobbies and so on! If you make any new goals from reading this, let us know!

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7 reasons why you always fail your New Year’s goals

1. Your goals are too big

An example of this would be that right now, you don’t exercise, maybe you go for a walk every now and then, join a group workout class once a month or that one-off rock climbing session. And your New Year’s goal is…

I will exercise for 1 hour each and every day in 2022.

This is a terrible goal and it’s the perfect example of why so many people fail New Year’s goals. It’s simply too big. It’s not realistic or sustainable. You’re going from one extreme to the other and you’ll end up feeling disappointed in yourself. This goal will do more damage than good!

This is why inside MerryBody Online Studio we set High Low Goals. This is what we mean…

I will do Yoga/Pilates 3-5 days per week. 

It’s proven that when you set a High Low Goal you are more likely to hit right in the middle, or at the higher end. A High Low goal feels more doable than a “I’m gonna do this every day” kind of goal.

A high-low goal is about being realistic, it leaves room for flexibility for when, you know, life happens. And we all know… life happens. 


2. You’re all by yourself

Accountability will help you to achieve your goals. It’s super easy to throw your goal out the window when you tell no one about your goal. Find a positive support group to not only hold you accountable but also to inspire and motivate you. Try and find a goal partner, someone who has a similar goal (or someone who has done it before) who can be your accountability buddy.

This is the exact reason why we create a private community group for our MerryBody Online Yoga and Pilates classes. It’s a safe place to share wins, struggles and feel instant accountability and motivation. 

Be sure to find people who help you and not the other way around. If your workout buddy is too competitive and makes you feel unenthusiastic about your workouts… find a new one!

3. You have no plan

You might feel really excited for your New Year’s goal… you’ve set the intention… but you forgot to make a plan. If you don’t know when you are going to dedicate time to the goal or specifically what you need to do, you’re sadly destined for failure.

This is why we set up If, When, Then goals inside MerryBody. Instead of explaining it we will give you some examples…

If it is a weekday.
When I wake up.
Then I will roll out my mat and press play on today’s scheduled MerryBody class.


If it is a workday.
When it is my lunch break.
Then I will go for a 30-minute walk.

You’ve anchored your action to something that ALWAYS happens. It’s like an alarm clock reminder without the need to remember to set the alarm!

It is key when setting an If, When, Then that your anchor is inevitable. For example, you wouldn’t say if it is a workday when it rains, then I will do my Pilates. When is it going to rain, who knows?! Maybe tomorrow but maybe not… which means your goal more than likely will not get ticked off. 

Now, go and make your If, When, Then goal!

4. The goal creates financial stress

You will find it easier to give up on your New Year’s resolution if it creates extra financial stress. The perfect example is Pilates and Yoga. An in-person Pilates reformer class can be up to $40 per class. A monthly Yoga Studio membership can be $300. 

There are many more cost-effective alternatives. Yes, you can do YouTube classes, you can create your own outdoor workouts or you can join an Online Community. MerryBody classes feel like you’re in the studio with us but you’re paying way less! Therefore less reason to give up on your goal as it’s not adding extra unnecessary stress. 


5. Your goal is not really your goal

Do you ever stop and realise you borrowed someone else’s goal, maybe it’s your Mum or Dad’s, your best friend’s, that Instagram influencer’s goal?

Maybe you read about it and thought it should be your goal?

Or maybe you’ve had the same goal for the last 5 years and now finally you realise you don’t even want it anymore?! 

It’s important to continually check in with goals. Are they aligned to your truth and heart? 

The more you genuinely want to achieve the goal, the more you care about the goal… the more likely you’ll make it a priority and stick to it (read that sentence again if you’re sick of failing your goals).

6. You put way too high expectations on yourself

It’s great to make goals that help you grow and evolve.  BUT it’s a very normal thing to have an off day, or week, or even month. Because life happens!

If you lose sight of your goal, it’s all about coming back to it.

Be self-compassionate, be understanding of yourself and your situation but also be honest with yourself. Did you skip the workout because you’re stressed or did you skip it because you watched a whole series instead? Either way, it’s fine, regain focus and take the next step towards your goal. 

7. You actually hate your goal

For some reason, it’s super common for people to create goals they in fact hate. Can you relate?

Running is a perfect example, running is a form of exercise in which you either LOVE or you HATE. If you hate it… do not make it your goal! Choose Yoga, choose Pilates, choose swimming, what about dancing?! There are so many ways to exercise, you do not have to pick one that you hate. You can choose a way to move that in fact adds joy to your life! 

This goes for any goal. Try and add some joy to it. This way you’ll more likely want it part of your life! 

After writing and re-reading this list of reasons why you always fail your New Year’s goals… we will leave you with one last tip. Don’t over-complicate things and when in doubt the best thing to do is simplify and focus on the next step. Then the next step and the next. 

It’s also about actually enjoying the steps. The HOW we do something is more important than we think. The end result is not even the most important aspect, it’s the in between moments.

It’s the steps, the journey.

It’s the line – from A to B.

This line, these steps… this is what makes up your life! 

What’s the point of forever striving towards goals if the journey there is boring, toxic, sad, and unenjoyable? 

The truth is… that each and every day we are a day closer to the end of this life, in this form (whatever your beliefs are… this is the truth). This is why we believe it’s important to live intentionally, really be there in the moments and be present, feel and experience life in all its dynamics.

This is why we created MerryBody Online Studio, to make a difference in the toxic Diet and Fitness Industry. This is why we are running our 21 Day You’re Already Amazing Challenge, you can learn more here

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If you have any questions or want us to dive deeper into this topic send us an email or message us on social media. 

Always merrymaking,

Emma + Carla

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