8 new healthy recipes added to the Get Merry app.

Did you know we’ve been adding new exclusive recipes to the Get Merry app? Well, now you do! 

Right NOW there are about 90 plus app only recipes. You won’t find them on the blog… only on the app. SO this means in total there is almost 300 recipe on the app. Boom shake the room. 

The 8 new healthy recipes are:

Caramel pecan cookies.

Pecans are underrated… these cookies win.  

Chocolate granola.

The perfect brekky!


Brownie cookies with peanut butter frosting.

This is not a joke. We said brownie cookies… with peanut butter frosting. They are the best thing ever!

Download the Get Merry app today! Click here to download. 

Banana caramel muffins.

Far out we make a lot of healthy treats and they are all to die for.

Nut free chicken meatballs with pesto sauce.

Oh wow! A dinner recipe (haha don’t worry more are coming your way). This one is epically delish and can confirm it’s kid approved. Tempted you yet? Download the app right here! 

Choc chip peanut butter cookies.

Clearly… we hate cookies, chocolate and peanut butter. 

Poppy seed crackers. 

Paleo crackers might just be the most delicious savoury snack ever. 

Crunchy carrot dip.

Nothing like dip and crackers. The stuff of dreams.

Download the app today! Check it out over HERE. 

Always merrymaking,

Emma + Carla

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