87: Embrace your own authentic connection | Live interview with Amber Hawken and Wellsome Jema-Lee

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This is definitely an explicit interview, swear words = tick! This week we chat to not one but two of our awesome, new Gold Coast friends! We’ve sparked quite the friendship through LOTS of good food, dancing, laughter and connection (hence the title of this episode!). 

They’re both EPIC-AS-GOOD humans who have so much knowledge and inspo to share with the world. 

During this episode live angel card readings kind of take us on a journey of topics… but it all comes back to self-connection and truly embracing who you are. 

It’s an hour full of good convo and serious amounts of fun/laughter… we know you’re gonna love it! 

This is the stuff we talk about:

    • Acceptance… of everything.
    • Self-connection: why it’s so important and how to practice more of it.
    • Angel cards… how and why to use them.
    • Being honest with yourself and others.
    • Unpacking your baggage and letting go of that sh1t.
    • Yoga and why it’s the ultimate practice to get to know yourself.
    • Relationships and how to create meaningful ones. 

Merrymaker mantra of the week: Embrace your own authentic connection.

Everything we spoke about kept coming back to self-connection and awareness. They’re kind of the same thing. Life is a discovery of who we truly are, peeling back all the layers and really getting to know ourselves… even though this can be a really difficult thing to put ourselves through.

In being vulnerable, we allow ourselves to truly flourish and shine.


Take a listen to the episode and share with anyone you know who needs to hear more on this topic. 

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Always merrymaking,

Emma + Carla

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