99: Magical herbs and chocolate with Kyle Laz.


The Gold Coast is such a cool place. Most of you know we grew up in Canberra (we love Canberra) it’s sahhhh different to the Gold Coast. You might think of Gold Coast, and automatically think of Surfers Paradise and partying hard. But there’s so much more! And there’s this polar opposite thing going on. Like with vibes, attitudes, people etc. It’s interesting to observe. Like there’s one side where everything seems so materialistic and fake, and then the other side with this realness, connection, yoga, spirit, holistic healthy vibe thing. 

Another cool thing about the GC is the abundance of crazy cool events and workshops. 

Emma met Kyle Laz aka the Chocolate Wizard aka the magical herb man at his botanical boutique high tea (like fo-realz, how could I not go to that?!). 

“Herbal medicine is where you find the balance of ART and SCIENCE. It is the beginning of a path, one of learning and sharing, To alleviate suffering, the fundamental intention. Encircled in MAGIC and MYSTICAL processes.” Kyle Laz

We’re super pumped about this podcast. There’s so much magic to listening to someone talk about something they’re passionate about… and even better when you know nothing about it. There is so much magic to different perspectives. Love love love. 

Here’s the stuff we talk about…

  • How plants and herbs can help you heal yo-self. 
  • Cannabis, how the laws are slowly changing. The health benefits. We included a disclaimer about this, yay our first disclaimer on our podcast hehe. Since we’ve rarely talked about cannabis and also since lots of you listen with your beautiful kiddies! And we love that! But we get it, this may not be your vibe. 
  • Chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate! We also eat it! Oh, and also… apparently it helps you lose weight (we will take that!).
  • How plants, nature, herbs help you connect to yourself, to others, to spirit or your higher self. 
  • Power of intention. 
  • Harry Potter pops up. Happy dance! 
  • Alchemy. 
  • Shamanic ceremonies. Ayahuasca in particular and how too many people are doing it without researching it.
  • Oh, so much more! Go and listen! Ahhhh! And then come and join us for a Merry Chocolate party YAY. Like actually. 


Can you see that beautiful flower? It’s called an angel trumpet and Kyle gifted us one each. Yes, we kinda failed at the good old (but new) Polaroid for this episode. HAHA. 

Let us know what you think of the episode! We’re keen to have Kyle back on the show to go deeper into a particular subject. Watch this space.

Merrymaker mantra of the week: I live in a friendly universe. 

Ahhhhh we hope you can feel the love vibes. 

Links to stuff we talk about…

Kyle’s Instagram, check it out.

Kyle’s delish chocolate, Supherb Chocolate.

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Always merrymaking,

Emma + Carla

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