Accredited Online Yoga Teacher Training for Workplaces and Corporates


Introducing you to the MerryBody 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training—a program uniquely designed not just for individuals but perfect for workplaces committed to creating a culture of health and mindfulness.

Transform your workplace with the MerryBody 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training. In today’s fast-paced corporate world, it’s more important than ever to seek out innovative ways to enhance employee well-being and productivity. 

Why Yoga in the Workplace?

Research consistently shows that Yoga in the workplace can significantly reduce stress, improve mental clarity and boost employee morale. Incorporating the MerryBody Yoga Teacher Training into your company’s wellness initiatives offers a holistic approach to employee development, blending physical health with mental well-being. 

Yes, you can hire a Yoga Teacher to come in and teach lunchtime Yoga, but what if there was a committed employee who was also a Yoga Teacher? Not only would it benefit the employee who does the training, but it will also benefit the whole team as they can then go on to run Yoga classes, breathwork sessions and meditations. 

Statistics About the Benefits of Workplace Yoga 

  1. Reduced Stress and Anxiety: A study published in the Journal of Occupational Health found that employees who participated in a Yoga program experienced significant reductions in stress and anxiety levels. The research indicated that even short, regular Yoga sessions could lead to meaningful improvements in mental health among workers. Instead of hiring a Yoga instructor to teach a whole 60-minute class, you could have a staff member teach a quick 10-minute class at any time of the day! 
  2. Improved Physical Health: Research in the Scandinavian Journal of Work, Environment & Health reported that workplace Yoga programs could decrease musculoskeletal pain and improve physical function among employees. This is particularly relevant for workplaces where employees are prone to repetitive strain injuries or spend long hours at desks. 
  3. Enhanced Productivity: According to a survey conducted by the Institute for Corporate Productivity (i4cp), companies that offered Yoga and other wellness programs observed a 20% increase in productivity. The report suggests that wellness programs, including Yoga, contribute to a more energised and focused workforce.
  4. Increased Employee Satisfaction and Retention: A study in the Journal of Workplace Behavioural Health found that employees who have access to wellness programs, including Yoga, report higher job satisfaction and are more likely to stay with their employer. This suggests that such programs can be a strategic tool in employee retention efforts.
  5. Lower Healthcare Costs: The Harvard Business Review reported that wellness programs, including yoga, could reduce the healthcare costs for companies by about 26%. The analysis highlighted the potential for significant savings, considering the high cost of healthcare for employers.


The MerryBody Difference, Online Yoga Teacher Training

What sets the MerryBody 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training apart is not just the comprehensive curriculum, approved By the Yoga Alliance, but that it is designed and created for online delivery. 

The online Yoga program features high-quality production, with exceptional audio and visuals, designed specifically for online learning. This ensures an engaging, effective and flexible online training experience. 

All content is recorded and content is shared over a 16 week period. Each week there is a 2 hour live call where lead trainer, Carla Papas, discusses the weekly content. This is the perfect opportunity for Yoga Trainees to share their experiences, ask questions and connect with the whole cohort. Although it is online, there is an amazing sense of community. Additionally, participants have direct access to Lead Trainer Carla Papas and Course Convenor, Emma Papas guidance and support throughout the course. 

This program goes beyond traditional Yoga practice, integrating mindfulness techniques, stress management, and strategies to deal with today’s modern world. It ensures that every person who goes through the program, regardless of their Yoga experience, can benefit and contribute to a healthier workplace.

Add Corporate Yoga Teacher to Your CV

A Yoga Teacher Training Course is so much more than learning how to teach the physical exercise elements of Yoga, however, it is a very important aspect of the training. 

“If you sign up for the MerryBody Yoga Teacher Training and follow the program over the 16 weeks, you will be teaching Yoga by the end of the training. As soon as you are certified you can be running classes within your corporate office.” Carla Papas, Lead Trainer

Don’t just take our word for it. Read about the experiences of MerryBody Teacher Training Graduates. 

About a month after Sue graduated she started teaching Yoga within her busy office! Read about Sue’s journey over here. 

Rana is a School Teacher and now teaches Yoga at her local Gym! You can read about her story over here. 

Kirsty is teaching classes and running Yoga events, read about it here. 


Yoga Teacher Training for Workplaces

Enrol in the upcoming Yoga Teacher Training cohort, it begins 17 March. You can learn more about the program over here.  Should you need an invoice for payment for yourself or your team members, please contact us, and the MerryBody accounts team will promptly make the necessary arrangements ([email protected]).


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