Are Yoga And Pilates Good For Over 50s?

Are Yoga and Pilates good for over 50’s? Of course they are!

And before we get into the why… let’s chat aging, it’s a topic we love to discuss because we wholeheartedly believe that we can all slow down the aging process. And we’re not talking about botox or even your skin, we love your wrinkles! We’re more talking about how you feel!

How old do you feel? In your heart, in your body, and in your mind?

We’re in our early 30s… people find out our ages and they can not believe it. We even still get IDed every now and then at the bottleo (liquor store). They all think we’re in our early 20s… it makes us laugh.

We feel young, we feel the same as we did in our early 20s for sure. Maybe you did too in your 30s? Maybe it’s because we don’t have kids yet (haha, we know all you Mum’s out there are probably thinking this and we believe you)!

Or maybe it’s our lifestyles and decisions we make on a daily basis that help us feel this good… it’s probably a combination of it all. 

We’ve exercised our whole lives, right now and for the last 6+ years, we’ve consistently practiced Yoga and Pilates. And beach walking (bliss).

We try and eat well. Enough protein, veggies, good fats, and of course water! Nowadays, we don’t stress when we have pizza, pasta and chips every now and then! Haha, this could be the trick to staying young… less stress, especially about dieting and food!

Or maybe we have good skin and genes? We try and be sun smart (more difficult now living on the Gold Coast!).

But really… we actually think people see us as younger because we laugh a lot. 

Aging is something many are afraid of but really it is a beautiful thing!

As you age you get to experience more life, you become wiser, your perspective change, yes your face changes, and of course, your body changes. 

Really, this process is just as amazing as the process of new life! 

But the truth is, we live in a world that glorifies youth… especially in women. With so much emphasis on looks and the external body, no wonder women often feel like they fade and become less important as they age. We see this in Hollywood, and in the media.

But oh wow, do we admire old age. 

And the best part, we can begin to see this ripple out into the world.

What a wonderful thing to see Jane Fonda and Helen Miren (and many others!) leading the way, finally older women being represented in the public eye! And not just for their looks but for what they do and what they say, for their hearts and their brains! 

The beautiful grey-haired wise woman… now she is some kind of magic.

It’s easy for us humans to let age be an excuse. As in… oh I am sore in my joints because of my older age, I can’t exercise.

And yes, this could definitely be true… but it’s not a reason to stop exercising. It might be a reason to change how you exercise.

And we know Yoga and Pilates are perfect methods of exercise for over 50’s. 

Are Yoga And Pilates Good For Over 50s?

Benefits of Yoga and Pilates for Over 50s

The Human Body, just like any other living vessel, ages, and deteriorates. Once you are over 50 years old, generally, you will not be able to do the same things you were able to do when you were 20 years old, and it’s entirely normal! This is the aging process, and there is nothing in the world that can stop it or reverse it. However, a healthy lifestyle and low-impact physical activity, like a mixture of Yoga and Pilates, will slow the aging process down. 

A regular exercise routine is going to help you be more energetic and agile and feel better in your skin as you age. A regular exercise routine can also help manage the aches and pains, which often come with aging. Overall, a regular exercise routine leads to a more independent life of staying safer and feeling your best.

So many members of the MerryBody Studio are in the over 50s category, like our Mum who is in her 60s…  she practises Yoga and Pilates every single day! Not only does she feel great, she looks fit and strong too! 

 Many others are new to Yoga and Pilates, either they haven’t exercised much throughout their lives or they are looking for a new style of movement. It’s so amazing to see them falling in love with this low-impact workout routine. We feel honoured to share this way of movement with them and excited to know how much goodness it brings to their lives. 

Here’s a pic of our Mum and Dad who are actually in their 60s. We think they look great! They’re both so fit and strong, they are our inspiration!

As we mentioned, Mum gets up every morning and does her MerryBody Yoga and Pilates. We try to get Dad to do Yoga and Pilates… he has a couple of times, it’s not his thing. But he does walk at least 5 km every day and does a round of bodyweight exercises. We’re grateful for them, we grew up seeing them exercise every day and this helped us create healthy habits.

Benefits of Yoga and Pilates for Over 50’s

Yoga and Pilates strengthen the bones.

A regular exercise routine consisting of Pilates and Yoga for seniors is going to help prevent the onset of osteoporosis, which causes bones to become weak or brittle, which leads to injury. Osteoporosis happens when the creation of new bone is not fast enough to keep up with the decrease of bone density and mass that occurs with aging. A regular exercise routine consisting of Pilates and Yoga is going to help strengthen your bones and prevent injuries that are very common as you age (especially common, knee/hip/foot/shoulder injuries).

Yoga and Pilates reduce stress.

With stress being one of the number one causes of many illnesses it’s great to know that both Yoga and Pilates reduce stress physically and mentally.

A regular workout routine can serve as a relaxing way to let go of the tension you often hold in your body, especially in the upper back and shoulders. Yoga and Pilates, done together or done separately, are known to help relax the body and relieve it from some of the stresses that burden it. Yoga and Pilates also help lower the heart rate, blood pressure, reduce anxiety, and will help you breathe easier. 

Yoga and Pilates alleviate aches and pains.

Even if you have physical limitations, a low-impact workout routine can help ease the pains that appear as you age. A workout routine consisting of Pilates and Yoga can be especially beneficial to those suffering from osteoarthritis since the movements are slow, steady, and low-impact.

Inside our MerryBody Online Studio, we also offer breathwork classes, which will teach you how to relax and breathe through any pain you may be dealing with.

Yoga and Pilates improve sleeping habits.

As you age it can be common to have trouble sleeping, this might be from hormonal changes, aches, and pains or even simply the stresses of life. Having a regular workout routine will help you get “healthily tired” which will make you sleep deeper and sounder. 

Many of our MerryBody members like to do the Yin Yoga or meditation classes before bed as it gets them feeling more relaxed and ready to sleep. These classes, in particular, slow down the nervous system and allow stress to melt away.

Yoga and Pilates enhance flexibility, mobility, balance, and strength.

A regular Pilates and Yoga routine will also improve your mobility and balance, which help to prevent falls. Yoga and Pilates provide the tools you need to improve your mobility and strength in order to get around more safely and be more independent in your movements.

We feel like we could go on and on (and on and on). We love how these ways of movement can take us through all life stages and situations. Really, all these benefits are great for any age! Young and old! 

If you’re curious about Yoga and Pilates, sign up to the MerryBody 7 Day Trial. Experience the classes, feel supported by us and the whole community. You’re not alone when you join, we’re all there by your side… to help with any questions or struggles, to help you stay motivated and feel excited to get on the mat.

Always merrymaking,

Emma + Carla 

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