How to make your at home yoga class BETTER than a real life studio.


We started writing this article before COVID-19 and now it’s more important than ever to create a consistent at home Yoga practise (or insert whatever your preferred method of movement is). We’ve been confined to our home spaces, so now it’s not just meal times and chill times and family times that are taking up space in the home… lots of us are also working from home, socializing more at home AND working out at home.

One thing we’ve realised during the pandemic is that we actually really love working out from home. Before COVID-19 we worked out from home every other day, on the other days we would choose a local studio (usually the one we teach at in real life once a week each) and attend a real-life class.

The only thing is that this real life class would end up ruling our day. We’d schedule everything else around this 1 hour block of time. When things didn’t go to plan (like days so often do) we’d end up feeling really stressed about missing a class, or not being able to find a park or sneaking in late.

We know you’ve got an endless list of other things in your life too, like crazy hectic work,  preparing lunches and dinners or dropping kids off at school. With all this going on, it’s impossible to fit your schedule into typical group class timetables.

When COVID-19 shut everything down and our daily Yoga and Pilates practice moved to our homes, we realised just how much freedom an at home Yoga and Pilates practice gave us. 

During the past 3 months, we’ve made our at home Yoga and Pilates classes even better than a real life studio. We’ve taken it to the next level with these super easy 4 steps. 

This is how to create an at home Yoga and Pilates practice that is even better than a real life studio. 

Set aside space and then add something special… 

Turn off your TV and any other distracting things (we know you can’t turn off your kids, partner or pets… so we encourage them to get involved as well). If you can’t turn it off because the distraction is the thing distracting your partner, kids, pets to give you a moment of “me” time, then perhaps choose a room in the house that doesn’t have distractions. 

Here’s MerryBody Member Sharon’s space… so special…

It’s really easy to just roll out your mat and get going… however, to take your at-home Yoga and Pilates practice to the next level we’d recommend adding something special. Carla likes to light several candles and dim the lighting and Emma has been known to diffuse all the delicious oils (lavender and peppermint are her fave).

This small action of lighting a candle or switching on a diffuser can anchor your mind and body to remember ‘oh yes… here I am ready to practice.’

Your something special could be anything, like placing a crystal by your mat, having your favourite pot plant in view, or simply making sure you can’t see the laundry basket.

Pick a playlist that puts you in the right mood…

One of our favourite things about working out from home is that we can play music as loud as we like. Making playlists for our MerryBody members is one of our favourite things to do. You can find all the bliss out Yoga Playlists here and all the mood boosting Pilates Playlists here on Spotify. 

Here’s MerryBody Member Molly, she’s all set up and ready to practise!

Practise at home but not alone…

We get that you might think working out from home might feel lonely… but we disagree. And so do our MerryBody Members! What our members love most is that they become a part of a like minded community and find their place to belong.

So yes, practise at home but find a community where you are loved! OR if you live with your family, have kids, flat mates… get them involved too!

MerryBody Member Gillian and her 2 amazing daughters are doing the current Member Exclusive 20 Day Challenge together! Ahhh too much cuteness for one pic!

You aren’t just another membership number with MerryBody. You’re on this journey with us… and every other member. 

The MerryBody community is your safe place to share your struggles, “AHA” moments and your wins with zero judgement.

Genuine, real people – that’s who we are and who you’re surrounded by in the MerryBody community. If you’ve ever had the feeling you haven’t quite found your people. You have now.

MerryBody is for everybody. So much so, don’t be surprised if your hubby, partner, kids, dog or cat joins in the classes with you. (Yes, seriously, our members’ pets actually join in ?).

The magic is that although we are far apart in physical distance, we’re all getting on the mat and doing the same classes, chatting about our experiences and creating deep connection… from the comfort of wherever we are, whenever we want. 

Make it FUN and achievable

One big thing we’ve realised during COVID-19 is that we don’t need to spend an hour or even 30 minutes working out. We’ve been LOVING 20 minute power Pilates and bliss out Yoga sessions… in just 20 minutes (or even 10) we have been going from blah to AHHH!

So YES! Make sure your home practise is doing something you actually LIKE. There’s not point in running if you hate running. No point in doing Yoga if you hate it (but trust us… you won’t).

Here’s MerryBody Yoga Teacher, Carla after doing Party Pilates… she had fun… and got a LOT sweaty.

How to make your at home yoga class BETTER than a real life studio.

With the intentional space, the epic tunes and the fun vibes that come with MerryBody it has been easier than ever to roll out our mats at home. 

We’re not stuck in the hum drum routine, we have rediscovered “Me” time. And so can you. A few moments in otherwise crazy days where we can be entirely present, away from all distractions and in balance. A time that we choose to work out that nestles into our lives seamlessly.

Right now you can begin your MerryBody journey with us for FREE. That’s right, we said free :).

Sign up to become a Member and enjoy a Free 7 Day experience, try it all, the classes, the meditations, the community, it’s all yours. 

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And of course, if you ever have any questions, just reach out, we’re always here to help.

Always merrymaking,

Emma + Carla

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