Can I Do Pilates At Home?


Pilates is an exercise for all people and ages. It’s a way of movement that strengthens and stretches your body while also promoting good posture alignment and less back pain. And yes, you absolutely can do Pilates at home!

It’s a way of movement that connects your mind, body and breath allowing you to get present and grateful. 

Although traditional Pilates, created by Joseph Pilates in the early 20th century, uses various pieces of equipment, you don’t need any equipment for at home Pilates, no Reformer, no Studio, no Pilates Rings, not even resistance bands!

All you need to do mat Pilates at home is your amazing body, a yoga mat, a little motivation and a good Pilates class to follow online!

It really is our honour to share this form of exercise that will strengthen your core and build confidence inside and out.

We read this the other day from the article, The Ultimate Guide to Online Exercise and loved it!

“In today’s modern world, people seem to have less free time than ever, and exercise is one thing that typically takes a back seat. Thankfully, new technology is changing how people exercise, making daily workouts more accessible than ever before.”

If you’re feeling a little apprehensive about beginning your home Pilates workouts, take a read through our tips and get inspired to simply give it a go! What’s the best that can happen?

What is the best style of Pilates to do at home?

Often when you think of Pilates you think of Reformer Pilates, where an apparatus with springs and pulleys is used to add assistance and resistance to your Pilates session. And we LOVE Reformer Pilates, however, it’s not easily accessible and it can also be very expensive (like $25-$50 a class!). 

This is why Mat Pilates is the best option for Pilates at home especially if the Pilates Studios make you feel anxious! 

Try this beginner Pilates Class, it’s under 15 minutes long and you will feel amazing!


How to create a Pilates home setup?

You don’t need a lot of space for your Pilates at home classes. We both live in apartments and comfortably practice in the living area… but I’ve (Emma and also the MerryBody Pilates Instructor) have found myself practising in the tiny space between my bed and the wardrobe with absolutely no problem at all! 

Sure you can go ahead and create a Pilates/Yoga corner or a whole room if you have the space (lucky you!). You can set up the space so there are plants, candles, oils and all the equipment.

If you want to, you can… go ahead and make it beautiful!

But if you don’t have the space or the epic set-up, don’t let this be an excuse to not do your at home Pilates workout!

Do Pilates exercises even work?

Pilates is absolutely a full body workout. During your Pilates practice you will work every inch of your body, from your booty and core to your arms and legs.

In many of our classes we also add speed so you’ll get your heart pumping and work on your cardio health!

But for us, the best thing about Pilates is that it’s an exercise not only for your body but for your mind too. Right now, with anxiety and stress levels at all time highs, a wellbeing practice for the mind is just as important for the body. 


How many times a week should you practise? 

Everyone’s Pilates practices look different. It’s all about doing what you can with the time you have. 

If that’s just 10 minutes per day, well that’s better than no minutes! We hear from so many people, saying “I don’t have time to exercise” but this might be because you think a successful exercise routine needs to look like an hour of movement every single day. 

And it most certainly can be that! If you have the time and the desire, do this! 

But, if you have been in an exercise rut. Or you’re juggling work, home, kids and life in general, 1 hour each and every day may feel impossible and therefore this goal stops you from even beginning! 

In this busy and often sedentary society we live in… any movement is better than none!

Look at your week and be realistic.

What time do you have available?

Do you have 3 days a week with 30 minute blocks?

Or maybe you have 10 minutes every second day? 

We like to use the high low goal method. The best way to explain is with an example…

I will do 20 minutes of Pilates at home 4-6 days per week.


This goal welcomes in a little more flexibility. We believe it is necessary to include movement and exercise to life for good health BUT we also believe it needs to come with self-kindness and self-compassion. 

If you’re feeling a little more inspired to begin your Pilates journey our job is done! If you’re ready to try out an at home Pilates class, SIGN UP HERE! We will send you one of our MerryBody Classes straight to your inbox!


The key difference with Merry Body Pilates is that we combine the exercise with the mindset work of self-belief, body confidence, and self-acceptance.

MerryBody helps you workout in a way that makes you feel good about yourself.

Always merrymaking,
Emma + Carla

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