Comparison is the thief of joy… actually, it’s the thief of everything.

“A flower does not think to compare itself to the flower next to it. It just blooms.”

We all do it, it’s an easy game to play. But what if we stopped comparing ourselves to others? What if, instead… we started to celebrate our differences, oh what a joy-filled life that would be!

Stop comparing yourself to others. It is bringing you no joy. No magic. It is doing the opposite. It is stealing from you. Stealing time. Stealing happiness. Stealing creativity. It’s stopping you from living a magic-filled life.

Let’s agree to stop. Ok?

Here’s how we do it. 

Get rid of anything that brings you back into the comparison game. Love Instagram? Good! Us too. But stop following the accounts (the #sixpackabs, #couplegoals etc. etc.). that make you feel like you are less than anything but epic and amazing. Because you are epic and amazing. Because you are YOU. And no one else is you’er than you. Seriously, Dr Suess is so good (he said that.)

Think about what else brings you back to the comparison game? People? TV? School reunions? 

The comparison game is dumb and useless. It brings nothing but darkness to your life and we each have the power to remove it.

You have the control over your social feed, over what magazines you look through, what movies you see, who you hang out with.

When we start to compare ourselves to the highlight reel of others, life is mediocre, non-magic-filled, blah. Because we’re always grasping for something that we don’t have. We think oh if we were like that, or had that, or got that… then life would be better than what it is. 

If we’re forever desiring things, relationships, stuff, promotions, more… it leaves no space for gratitude. No space to actually enjoy our moments, our minutes, our nows (the only thing that truly, really exists). So yeah, this comparison game is literally stopping you from enjoying life. From living life. From experiencing life. 

When you get in the habit of comparing yourself to social media, you’ll probably find yourself comparing yourself in real life situations too. Your best friend’s weight loss. Your neighbour’s new relationship. Your colleague’s promotion. Your sister’s new dress. It’s consuming and tiring. 

The first step to putting an end to this BS is to bring awareness and acknowledgement to the comparison game. To catch yourself in the act. And THEN move on. Not catch yourself in the act and beat yourself up or judge yourself (don’t be mean!). Catch yourself, move on, be done.

We all compare, it’s so freaking easy to. It’s like whoops! There we go again! *Climbs out of comparison trap*. WHOOPS there we go again. It’s not a quick fix, it’s a switch. It’s a process. 

With every mindset switch we wanna make, we CAN fall back. And this is a-ok! There’s no point in beating ourselves up for being ‘bad’ at the positive change we want to make in our lives. No feedback loop from hell about it (listen to our Mark Manson interview for more on that). When we do this, it makes things go on waaaaay longer than they need to… and the goal is to get to a magic life, quick, right?

If it’s the media, control it, get rid of it. If it’s someone in your life then switch up the comparison game for the happy-for-you game. It’s not really a game. It’s just a much more fun way to live. A NICER way to live. A KINDER way to live (and kindness wins).

Best friend got the promo?! YAY for her! She’s epic! Let’s celebrate (with wine?) each other’s success, build each other up, instead of getting bogged down in the comparison game.

Comparison is the thief of everything… when you decide to let it go, life gets magical.

Always merrymaking,

Emma + Carla

P.s We’ll be talking more about this topic during MerryBody. Be the first to know about it over HERE.

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