It’s Time to Actually Drink More Water!

How many articles have you come across via your facebook or twitter feed telling you to start drinking more water? Or what about when you see the old ‘5 weight loss tips’ article and there you’ll find  at number 5: drink at least 2 litres of water a day. We’ve all read the water hacks before (you know the tips and tricks to get more H2O into you), we all know we need to drink more water… but do we actually do it? 

We found that a few weeks ago we both got out of our usual habit of drinking 2 litres of water a day and holey moley did we notice some changes. Not good changes! We realised we weren’t drinking enough water because the skin on our faces suddenly got super dry (it was literally sucked dry and it felt like our faces were going to fall off), we were tired and lacked concentration. Yuck! Not good at all!

As you can imagine we don’t like dry skin, being tired or lacking concentration so we upped the water! Well, we’re happy to announce that our skin is looking lovely again. Soft, hydrated, smooth! So YAY for water! YAY!

Our bodies are in fact made up of 70% water (a lot!) so there are huge benefits to drinking lots of water like:

  • improves skin tone and moisture (as we already mentioned). A cheap and very accessible anti-ageing remedy!
  • assists with weight loss. Water keeps you feeling full so you eat less.
  • boosts immune system.
  • helps digestion and keeps you regular.
  • flushes out the whole system, say goodbye to toxins and waste.
  • increases energy.
  • our bodies just simply function better and this equals a healthier and happier you!

Now it’s time to actually drink more water!

how to actually drink more water2

We did a few things to help us drink more water. You’ve heard them before but you (like us) need reminders every now and again. If you don’t, you’re amazing, if you do… you’re still amazing.

First thing we investigated: what we drank water from. We 100% believe if you have a great drink bottle or a favourite glass you will drink more water. It might sound a little crazy but it works. So not crazy at all really! If it works… it works! So this is where we introduce you to our drink bottle of choice… The Eco Vessel! Love that name! We also love them because they’re insulated, pretty colours and they even have built in tea strainers (game changer, right?). The BEST bit is that cold liquids in the vessel (hehe) actually stay cold for 36 hours (O.M.G) and hot liquids stay hot for 8 hours. Ummm… where have you been our whole lives Eco Vessels? 

We started adding lemon to our water. Yes, again, we’ve read this about a billion times. Add lemon to water and feel this health benefit and that health benefit. We simply started adding lemon to our water because it’s delicious so this would mean we’d drink more! We left our tea strainers in the Eco Vessel bottle and stuffed lemon segments into cool water. Ta-da!

We’ve been drinking more herbal tea and making delicious iced tea! The Eco-vessel is perfect for this!

When we’re out and about we order sparkling water. Ask for a wine glass to drink it out of 😉

Another thing you can do is eat your water… wait, what?! We’re serious! Swap your snacks for water based foods, think cucumber, watermelon and greens!

Keep a tally of how many drinks bottles/litres/glasses you drink. When you set a goal and monitor you’re more likely to stick to it! Why not turn it in to a healthy competition (pun intended!).

Ok, over to Team Merrymaker… what do you do to drink more water? How much do you drink everyday? Do you filter your water? We’d love to hear from you!

Always merrymaking,

Emma + Carla

We’d like to say a huge thanks to Raw Blend for supporting our #merrymakersDoNYC adventure and mention that this is a sponsored post. We feel so privileged to be able to work with great businesses like Raw Blend!

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