Free Full Length Yoga and Pilates Class:
Side Body Fusion


98% of women we surveyed said they want to change something about their bodies…

This class is not about getting a 6 pack, a thigh gap or losing an ‘extra 5 kilos’.  

This class is not about changing your body. It’s about how you think and feel about your body.

Our wish for you? Is that you learn to accept, love and RESPECT your body right… NOW.

This class will show you how you can move your body in a way you never have before. Movement driven from love, joy and acceptance (rather than punishment).  

With consistency, the moves we teach you will build strength, lengthen and tone your amazing body.


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  • The class is designed with a mixture of Yoga and Pilates inspired movements.
  • 26 minutes of bliss and (good) burn all at once!
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  • Low impact movements with modifications to suit all levels of fitness.
  • No equipment required.
  • Tone and strengthen your  body and move in a way that inspires joy and acceptance.

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Here’s how the MerryBody classes have already transformed lives…

I know for sure that incorporating the MerryBody workouts into my life have helped me in so many ways, both with my physical body (most notably my flexibility and core strength) but more importantly, my mental and emotional wellbeing has benefited greatly. Veronika, MerryBody Member
Working with Carla & Emma as their Doctor, has been such a delight. The results they’ve created are inspiring. I get to see the data.Dr Rachel Wyndham
I lost 5 lbs just from doing the workouts twice a week and making a few Merry recipes each week. Nicole, MerryBody Member
Being able to workout at home whenever I have time means it actually gets done and not put off. I think the thing that keeps bringing me back to the mat is the infectious enthusiasm and honesty that Emma and Carla bring to each class, making it feel like a shared experience and giving awareness that I’m not alone when I find something difficult or get sweaty and exhausted.Kelly, MerryBody Member

We’re Emma and Carla, founders of The Merrymaker Sisters (and real life sisters),  health coaches and Yoga/Pilates/Meditation teachers.

We’ve felt the magic of Yoga and Pilates. We’ve built strength, improved our posture, gained flexibility and lost weight simply by adding this practise to our lives. But the real MerryBody magic? It’s movement driven by acceptance and JOY.

We can’t wait for you to try this free class!


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