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Sit down too much? Maybe you drive a lot, or you’re always on your phone/computer? If this is you… chances are you suffer from back pain, neck pain and slouchy posture! Ugh!

We feel ya! That was us! Until we found ways to stretch and open the chest, shoulders and back.

Now, we want to share these with you… for FREE.

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Delicious stretches for the back and shoulders.

Easy to follow instructions and modifications.

Full length class to improve your posture.

Do you have good or bad posture?

If the answer is not-so-good we feel ya!

We all spend too much time driving, working at our desks and on our phones. We are forever hunching slightly (or a lot) forward. This creates that slumpy posture, rounded slouchy shoulders plus neck and shoulder pain.

Also, did you know, when we hold our head in a neutral (not slumpy slouchy) position our head weighs about 5 kgs but when we slouch forward 30 degrees it weighs about 20 kgs and then if we slouch 60 degrees it weighs about 30 kgs!

Got neck pain? Your posture might be the reason behind it!  

Let’s start making your posture better!


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Here’s how the MerryBody classes have already transformed lives…

I love it’s a low impact exercise but a damn good workout. I love that MerryBody can be done at home, anytime even in my pjs if I want!Lynda, MerryBody Student
Working with Carla & Emma as their Doctor, has been such a delight. The results they’ve created are inspiring. I get to see the data.Dr Rachel Wyndham
I lost 5 lbs just from doing the workouts twice a week and making a few Merry recipes each week. Nicole, MerryBody Student
I love MerryBody as it’s not just a program about working out your body by doing Pilates and yoga… but also working on your mind.Martine, MerryBody Student

We’re Emma and Carla, founders of The Merrymaker Sisters (and real life sisters), bliss followers, health coaches and Yoga/Pilates instructors.

We’re on a mission to merrymake over the world. AKA help you live a healthy, happy, magic filled life. 

We help over 250 000 people every month through our book, app, programs and podcast.

Currently living on the Gold Coast, Australia, if we’re not at our laptops you’ll spot us at yoga/pilates, walking on the beach or at our local cafe drinking coffee and eating raw choc brownies. Yum!

We can’t wait to share this MerryBody yoga flow with you!


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