Get Merry Recipe App is Now Live! Plus GIVEAWAY!


It’s true! We made an app! The Get Merry Recipe App is now live. When you download it you’ll have access to all our healthy recipes on your iPhone (Android coming soon!). It’s as simple as that! 







We’ll even surprise you with App only recipes. Ohhh fun. App only recipes like this EPIC Healthy Picnic Bar Recipe! Or what about these 5 Summer Smoothies to cool you down and beat the bloat!? #welovesmoothies


We wanted to create a recipe app because we’d got so many emails, messages and comments over the years.

Asking and telling us stuff like…

“Merrymakers, I love your recipes but I  don’t want to search for my favourite recipe all the time!”

“I have so many screen shots and photos of your recipes saved to my phone”.

“When is your recipe app coming out?”

The Get Merry Recipe App is LIVE!

Download HERE!


We also wanted an app so we could get access to all our old recipes way quicker and way easier. You know we’re all about the QUICK, EASY and DELISH factors!

The Get Merry App falls into all 3 categories.

We’ve added our favourite Merrymaker recipes from our site and we’ll keep on adding recipes from our site each and every week.  And we will surprise you with exclusive app recipes too. Get excited!

The app recipes are super easy to read and understand (like all our recipes) but the best bit is that you can also create shopping lists.

So if you wanted to make the Mexican Zoodles for dinner followed by the Salted Caramel Slice you can go through both recipes and tick all the ingredients you need to buy. The Get Merry App will then create a shopping list for you! You take that to the shops buy all your stuff, come home and whip up an amazing healthy, delicious dinny and dessert! 


Talk about AH-mazing! 

You know we’re excited about the App, so we needed to celebrate in some way. Our favourite way to celebrate is with a GIVEAWAY! Yeeewwww! Yeh! Yay! 


Congratulations to our winner Sue! YAYAYAYYAYA!

Entering is easy peasy! But first, let’s talk about the prize!

You’ll get a Merry hamper of some of our most favourite things! Like…

  • Celebrate Health quinoa and flaxseed
  • Nutra Organics cacao nibs, Belgium dark choccy, acai berry blend and organic macca 
  • Forage gluten free bircher
  • Pure Delish granola
  • Paleo Pure raw bars
  • Golden Grind turmeric blend
  • Dusty Girls natural mascara and lip gloss
  • Ecology skincare moisturiser
  • Tailor masque, detoxing facial treatment 
  • 2 books: How to Love Yourself and Smiling Mind, mindfulness made easy
  • 1 recipe book: Last copy of our original hard copy recipe  book, Make It Merry
  • Merrymaker tote bag, sticker and inspo cards

Checkout the top image for the epicness! 

Now the important(er) stuff. How you enter and a couple guidelines. 

  1. Purchase your Get Merry App from the app store. You can get it here. It’s only $2.99 (AUD) during launch week! After launch week it goes up!
  2. Check out the App, scroll around, drool over the recipes a little.
  3. Write a review on the Apple Itunes Store for the Get Merry App, screenshot your review and send it to us via email [email protected] or social media. The places are Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat!
  4. Our favourite review wins!
  5. This giveaway is for people living in Australia. We will send out the hamper to you!
  6. Winner will be notified by email, make sure you are signed up HERE.

YAY! Can’t wait for you guys to test it out. Eeee. We are excited!

Always merrymaking,

Emma + Carla

P.s Here’s a pic of that Healthy Picnic Bar recipe!




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