Finally! Budget Active Wear That We Love | Say Hello To Giaan By Spalding!

We’re so excited to bring you this blog post in collaboration with Giaan By Spalding and Spalding Women!

Rewind back a couple years and we used to buy a lot of active wear and we’d spend A LOT of dosh on these clothes! We loved our active wear and couldn’t think of a better thing to spend our hard earned money on. Fast forward along the merrymaker journey to NOW and woah we’ve changed in some big ways!

Now, not only do we eat delicious healthy real food, exercise for health (not for a 6 pack or booty), love our jobs, surround ourselves with positive people… we also spend our money a lot differently.

Instead of blowing a couple hundred dollars on clothes and stuff every weekend (we definitely used to do this) we choose to spend our money on experiences and fresh organic produce.  This change in spending has led to happier, healthier lives.

giaan by spalding

BUT it’s also led to a lack of active wear, especially since we got rid of all the super tight singlets and leggings we used to live in. Another change over the last couple years is that we hate tight clothes and we love loose comfy clothes. Sounds a bit weird right… but we swear we’ve met SO MANY people along their real food journey who have discovered the same thing. In fact, over the past year we’ve given away closets full of clothes to others more in need of them!

giaan by spalding18giaan by spalding2giaan by spalding7

For us, it’s very cleansing and the act of giving is extremely satisfying. We used the rule that if we hadn’t worn it during the last year, that it was something to giveaway! We suggest you try this method next closet clean out!

So with a lack of active wear in our drawers and a new love for yoga growing and growing we needed SOMETHING to wear. And this is where we introduce our new budget active wear we’re loving… Giaan By Spalding!

giaan by spalding11

Carla wears Giaan By Spalding Vertex Spliced Oversized T-Shirt ($35Aus) with Vertex Stripe Yoga Pants ($35Aus)

 Fact: the budget active wear is cute! Right?!

giaan by spalding6giaan by spalding3giaan by spalding5

Emma wears Giaan By Spalding Vertex Crop – Aqua Stripe ($25Aus) with 3/4 Vertex Harem Pants ($30Aus)

So why are we digging it so much? Good question!

  • we’re pretty darn sure that it doesn’t look like budget active wear at all! Tick!
  • it certainly doesn’t feel like budget active wear! Heck yes! The material is soft!
  • actually, the materials have been designed for breath-ability! Yes! They keep you cool during those sweaty classes!
  • one word: COMFY! The pants are loose and designed with a higher waist-band… we’re not fans of hipsters. Dear pants: please hold us IN!
  • let’s still chat comfy, because Em’s crop is just that… PLUS it is a higher cut for the boobs… which = no boobs falling out during down dog… and we have small boobs! Lucky big bosomed ladies… get on this crop!

giaan by spalding9

  • oh, we’re still chatting comfy, because Carla’s top is exactly her style: off the shoulder, loose (but not paper baggish) and long at front!
  • BUDGET! BUDGET! BUDGET! We’ve harped on enough about the budget factor! But these 4 items cost us $125.00, all from your local Target store! That’s it… we know certain places where you can buy ONE pair of pants for that much… sheesk-ka-bob!
  • the entire range has been designed by Giaan Rooney, the Olympic swimmer… we used to be swimmers… hmm, we guess that’s a very personal reason for loving this but hey! Maybe you’re an ex-swimmer too ๐Ÿ˜‰

giaan by spalding14giaan by spalding15giaan by spalding8

We’re keen to hear where YOU shop for active wear? Is it all about the budget… or, is it a mix of splurging/budget/sustainability? Let’s chat! Leave us a comment!

Always merrymaking,

Emma + Carla

p.s just one request… can you PLEASE design the oversized tee in at least 3 more colours?! Please?!

p.p.s the photo below is our favourite ๐Ÿ˜‰

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