12 healthy Christmas sweet treat recipes


Newsflash! It’s Christmas this week! So this means it’s time to get your Xmas bake up on! We vote, whack on Beiber’s or Buble’s Christmas album, get your butt in the kitchen and whip up one of these delish healthy Christmas sweet treat recipes! 

Selfies with your Christmas treats are recommended. Feel free to send them to us via the social medias! 

Some of these are special app only and app Xmas bundle recipes but of course there are a bunch of FREE recipes on the site too! YAY!  


Healthy Christmas fruit mince pies

Seriously how cute are these? We were not always fans of the fruit mince pie but these guys totally got us! Freaking yum as recipe! Grab the recipe HERE!

Low fructose Christmas trifle

Check out them layers! You will win friends with this Xmas recipe. Get it now!


Gluten free Christmas pudding

OK ok. This recipe is officially the epic-est healthy Christmas sweet treat. And yes it takes a while to make, it’s a full on legit Xmas pudding but with no added sugar, no grains, no gluten, no dairy. Only good stuff! It’s an App Exclusive recipe so make sure you’ve downloaded our app (you’ll also get 100+ other healthy recipes on your phone! It’s a win win!). Download it here.


Coconut ice

If you’re after a super quick and easy recipe, paleo coconut ice is your bestie. Sahhhh pretty too. Here’s the recipe!

paleo coconut ice

Christmas bliss balls

It’s Christmas in a bite. Super easy to whip up and make them extra special with a delish choc dip. This is an Xmas bundle special! If you have the app you can unlock 5 extra special Xmas recipes for just $1.49!

White Christmas 

Talk about another easy peasy healthy Christmas sweet treat recipe. So yummy too. Grab it now!


White Christmas raw cake

If you want something a little fancier for your Xmas sweet treat buffet you’ve got to try out this recipe! It’s got the pretty factor covered. This recipe is part of our EPIC Xmas sweet treat bundle on the Get Merry app. Find out more HERE!


Choc mint slice

Stuff the candy canes and make this delishness instead. It wins. Grab the recipe now!

paleo vegan choc mint slice

Easy healthy shortbread

Easiest recipe in the world! And it actually tastes as good as the original gangster! Another special app Xmas bundle recipe! YAY! Download the app and get all the info about the bundle!


Cute because cookie cutter fun! Also yum as. This recipe has been made, photographed and shared a bunch of times. Probably due to cute factor. Find the easy peasy recipe here.

paleo gingerbread cookies2

 Low fructose raw brownies

Ever noticed that every single raw brownie recipe is packed with dates? Not this one! It’s sahhhh yum! Another app bundle recipe! boooom! If you have the app check the recipe bundle section! If you still need to download it get all the info HERE!


Christmas nice-cream bowls

Sweet treat or breakfast, take your pick! Another app bundle special! YAY!


Far out. YARRRRRM!

Wishing you all a fun, safe and very Merry (merry) Christmas!

Always merrymaking,

Emma + Carla 

P.s the app bundle includes all the above recipes in one convenient spot. 5 of those recipes are exclusive to the in-app purchase. If you ahve questions always feel free to et in touch.  

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