5 minute hip opening Yoga Flow.

Do you ever feel stiff in your hips, maybe you get a dull ache? *All hands up* (including ours!).

It’s probably because your hips are super tight. This is ridiculously common because most of us sit a lot! On the couch, at the desk, in the car… you get it! It’s time to loosen and open those hips and get them feeling lovely again! It’s time for this magical hip opening Yoga Flow!

In this 5 minute class Carla will take you through nice and slow stretches. A Yoga flow to surrender, to breath through the muscle tightness, to let the stagnant energy flow, to let go of any emotions you might be holding onto within your body (lots of emotion and energy are stored in the hips).

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Let us know how you go during this delicious hip opening yoga flow.

Always merrymaking,

Emma + Carla 

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