How Many Pilates Sessions A Week?


If you love Pilates we are sure this question has crossed your mind… how many Pilates sessions a week is the right amount? There is no one right answer for everyone as there are so many variables involved.

It depends on your fitness goals and aspirations for your Pilates practice. You need to think about your weekly schedule and what other things are happening in your life. You also need to think about your current health and fitness levels. 

As a Pilates Instructor, it would be terrible advice to say, you should do Pilates classes every day without hearing anything about your life. 

We’d probably never suggest doing daily Pilates 7 times a week anyway.

We had a phase of doing Pilates every day and guess what happened, well, we overdid it! Although Pilates is an amazing type of exercise, it’s low impact and fun, you still need to take a rest day, or at least swap a day to gentle stretches, like a blissful Yin Yoga class! We even have a free Yin Yoga class over here!

But we do believe the best way to create a consistent Pilates practice, so you will experience more benefits, is to create a do-able weekly exercise routine. Something you can try and stick to each and every week.

How Many Pilates Sessions a Week?

We like to create high/low goals. 

Instead of something concrete like, “I will workout 6 days a week” it’s more like “I will workout 4-6 times a week”.

This goal allows for change and ‘life stuff’ to come up. It’s also scientifically proven that with high/low goals like this, you’re more likely to land in the middle! 

We also like to plan when the workout will happen. For us, we prefer to workout in the morning. 

Wake up, coffee, Pilates. 

Not for any other reason except that it’s our preference. And this is what we believe you should go with. 

When do you enjoy working out most? When does it make sense for your life schedule?

If you’re not a morning person, don’t workout in the morning! 

Many of our MerryBody Members do their Pilates workout once they’ve put their kids to bed. This is why online Pilates classes work super well for busy parents. Some others do it on their lunch break in the office. It’s all about making it work for you!

Then, if you are a person who generally struggles to stay consistent we find the best motivator is to focus on all the benefits of a regular Pilates regime. 

Why is Pilates so good for you? 


Pilates was invented back in the early 20th century by a man named Joseph Pilates. He was passionate about his method of movement and shared it through teaching and he even wrote books. The most famous book, Return to Life Through Contrology. This form of exercise continues to grow in popularity, for good reason.  

For all fitness levels

It’s one of those exercises where you can vary the intensity, whether that is with a reformer machine in a studio class or choosing a more challenging class online. 

Whether you are an avid exerciser or you’ve never exercised in your life, Pilates will benefit you greatly.

Pilates is the ultimate workout to build core strength

Pilates exercises are a total body workout that begin at the centre of your body. You will notice during your first session why this practice is well known for building abdominal strength. 

It’s accessible

You can go to the fancy Pilates studios if this is what suits your weekly schedule and budget or you can simply roll out your mat in the comfort of your own home and try an online Pilates class! 

We love online classes because they are cost effective (a month’s access is usually the same price as 1-2 reformer classes) and you can weave them into your own individual routine. 

Plus, mat exercises are just as effective compared to exercises done on the reformer, especially if you can do it more consistently!

If you’re ready to try one of our online Pilates classes, we’ve got a free class waiting for you! 

Head on over here and sign up for your free 20 minute mat based class. This class is a total body workout with a focus on your core and booty. Once you’ve signed up you will get instant access to the free online class!

Always merrymaking,

Emma + Carla




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