How To Become A Yoga Teacher In Australia | Step by Step Guide

How-To-Become-A Yoga-teacher-In-Australia

We are already so excited for you, you’re here, you clicked on this article! An article that gives you all the information you need to know on how to become a Yoga Teacher in Australia, but really, all over the world too! 

We’ve made an easy step by step guide on how you can begin your Yoga Instructor journey!  

How To Become A Yoga Teacher In Australia

Really, this information is useful for teaching Yoga in Australia or anywhere in the world!

Discover the Desire to Learn

Step one is easy, you’ve more than likely already ticked it off! Discover the desire to learn more about the practice of Yoga. You might have realised this after your very first Yoga class, perhaps after 12 months of consistent Yoga Practice or even after 12 years of classes. 

What we’re trying to say is, everyone comes in at a different time during their Yoga experience. There is no right or wrong time to begin your Yoga teacher training journey. Yes, we’d suggest that you do have some Yoga experience, however, you most certainly do not need to be the ‘perfect Yogi’ (secret: they don’t exist). 

How-To-Become-A Yoga-teacher-In-Australia

Find the Right Yoga School for You

There are so many Yoga Teacher training courses and schools you can choose from. There are a few things to consider when choosing the right course for you. We’d suggest you begin with the goal to complete a 200hr Yoga course, this way once you’ve completed it, you can start teaching right away.

We’d suggest you look for a course that is approved by Yoga Alliance, we go with the international body as we teach our classes online to people across the world. It’s also the largest nonprofit association representing the Yoga community, if you’d like to travel and be an international Yoga teacher, this may be useful. This is not a necessity, you could also keep an eye out for courses registered with Yoga Australia and other fitness associations.  

We’d also suggest that you do a good amount of Yoga classes with the lead teacher of the Yoga School to see how you feel and whether you want to learn more from them.

You need to think about whether face to face learning or online learning is better for you. Face to face is better for community connection, if you’re looking for complete immersion (as in leaving reality and going to Yoga land) this is for you. A 2 week full time course is for you!

Our preference is online learning part time, because we actually love reality. We find the dedicated immersions too difficult to fit in around work and life. Obviously with in person courses you need to be available for that specific time, whereas online courses can be a little more flexible.

Miss the live session on anatomy and physiology? Don’t stress! Catch the replay! 

For our teacher training programs (find out more over here) we are based online but we have live elements. This helps you stay accountable and on track. It also creates a community connection.

Set an Intention for Your Yoga Teacher Training 

Set the intention but also make it flexible. We have heard this so often at the beginning of Yoga and Pilates courses we’ve done…

“Most of you won’t teach Yoga, and this is ok, you are doing this for personal development”

Look, we get this! And it’s fine if you choose to do your registered Yoga teacher course for personal development alone. But, know this, if there even is an inkling that you want to teach, even if you are the shyest person, even if public speaking makes you sweat at the thought of it, we know you can teach! Maybe not right away, but it can absolutely be part of your journey. 

Dare to dream big. Dare to shoot beyond your perceived limits. But also, don’t be attached to the end result. 


Be Prepared for Practical and Theory Work

Yes, there will be a test, yes there will be readings. Yoga is not just Asana (exercises) after all! You’ll learn about Pranayama, Meditation, Mudras, Yoga Philosophy, Anatomy, business and more!  

Each different course has a different lesson framework. Ours for example has 6 core modules and we know our business module is a whole lot thicker than any other course we’ve personally done. We even talk about teaching online versus offline… because hello it’s 2022! 

This is also why many people do multiple 200 hour courses, because you will always learn something new. 

Finish the Course and Start Teaching

It sounds so easy right? However before we get too far ahead of ourselves, remember the course will take time and effort. But time passes by regardless, so may as well fill it with goodness! 

Once you have completed the course, our number one tip is to begin teaching. If you want to teach, do not wait ‘until you are ready’. Jump in. 

  • Teach your friends for free.
  • Reach out to your gym.
  • Start a community class at your local park.
  • Arrange meetings with all your local Yoga studios.
  • Start teaching Yoga online today!

Know that the more teaching practice you do, the better the teacher you will become. 

Your first teaching experience will probably feel horrible. You’ll be nervous, you’ll have self-doubt, you’ll mix up your left and right (you might still do this after years of teaching hehe). But then your second experience will be better, third even better and so on. 

Then it’s all about continuing the learning process. You will never ever learn all there is about Yoga. This is why continuing professional development is always recommended. First you do 200, then maybe 350 hours and then 500 hours of Yoga teacher training! 

More about our MerryBody 200 hour Yoga teacher course

We’re so excited to bring this course to you. The course will begin in April 2023, it’s delivered online over a 12 week period. But as we’ve already mentioned, with online learning, this can be flexible. You will be able to access the lessons and submit assessments after the 12 week course time. If you have questions about these timings, get in touch and we can work it all out on an individual basis.  

The super cool thing, is you’ll have the opportunity to teach inside our Yoga and Pilates App! Yes, once you have completed your MB TT course there will be the possibility for YOU to teach our members Yoga. 

To be the first to know more about the course and to access the early bird special, sign up over here. 

And of course, if you have any questions at all. Reach out, we are here to help! 

Always merrymaking,
Emma + Carla

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