Limiting beliefs… I used to think I couldn’t do Yoga

Now, I love Yoga but it wasn’t always the way. This was the kind of internal dialogue and thinking I’d have about Yoga.

I could never do Yoga.

I don’t look like her…

I can’t get my leg into that position…

I really don’t want to wear those super tight clothes, I don’t even want to imagine my fat rolls… 

I’m uncoordinated… I’d just get confused and feel like a loser in that class…

I’m not flexible enough, fit enough, thin enough.  

Louise Hays said, “If you accept a limiting belief, it will become your truth”… 

It’s like ohhhhh yeh, how we think is really quite important.

Our thoughts impact our perspective on everything around us, they impact our actions, they impact our everyday decisions (the big ones and the small ones). They impact our confidence levels and they most definitely can tell us lies.

Yep, these belief systems you carry are important and they’re worthy of your attention, reflection and maybe a little (or a lot) of tweaking.

If you’ve ever listened to our Get Merry podcasts you know that we love a good chat on the topic of belief systems, to question these beliefs and question why we think the way we do. And when we discover that a belief system is completely untrue and limiting… it’s like WOW ??


Maybe you’ve never thought about your limiting beliefs? Well, now is the time!

They’re the kind of belief systems that stop you from seeing the opportunities that are offered to you every single day (and if you just questioned that or raised an eyebrow… we smell a limiting belief hehe).

They are the kind of belief systems that hold you back from trying things, even when deep down you REALLY want to do it.

The beliefs that lead you to think you’re not worthy of that job promotion. 

The beliefs that tell you to not ask them out on a date… because obviously they will say no. 

The beliefs that tell you that you’ll never succeed… that you’re not worthy of that kind of love… that you can’t possibly make that kind of money… that you are simply not good enough.

We’ve had so many discussions about limiting beliefs… and what we notice is that it’s easy to get stuck on the questions of HOW and WHY we have these beliefs. 

You end up spending so much time and attention there… but does it actually help? 

And ok… maybe it does help you, maybe this is how some experts would recommend you go about unblocking false sand limiting belief systems. Maybe (definitely) it depends on the actual limiting belief. 

So yep, do what works for you and of course, question everything we say because these are simply our opinions and experiences.

But also… question EVERYTHING, including your belief systems (and your belief systems about belief systems).

Ok, enough now.

Back to the Yoga thing.


My old belief about Yoga was that I couldn’t do it, that I would always suck at it, that I was naturally an inflexible person and that I would never be able to get into the positions. 

But now… I do Yoga, I get into poses (not all of them but many!), I’m way more flexible and I have experienced so many other benefits that come with a Yoga practice. I’ve found a way to de-stress and calm anxiety, to get me feeling more present and content with a sense of fulfilment. A way that gives me a feeling of expansiveness, a sense of possibility, and growth. 

I had to push past my limiting beliefs about Yoga to get to this point. And if I didn’t push past I would have missed out on so much magic! 

But the question is, how did I push past the limiting beliefs?

And I could write another 2000 words on this… but if you’re anything like me, simplicity works.

STEP ONE: Awareness

Start bringing more awareness to your thoughts and actions. Do this by welcoming more presence to your life. Spend time with yourself, spend time doing the things that help you feel a sense of connection to yourself.

Right now, I do this by practising Yoga, Pilates and Meditation. Even just 10 minutes a day is enough for me to feel a sense of awareness, connection and presence. 

STEP TWO: Question your thoughts

Notice what thoughts come up, especially recurring ones, especially the kinds of thoughts that have a sense of lack. The thoughts that feel limiting, constrictive with low energy.

Do not judge the thoughts, just notice them.

Then question them, we like to do this by using a very simple action step inspired by the amazing author, Byron Katie.

Ask yourself…

is this thought true? 

If you answer… “yes”. Ask yourself… 

is this thought really true? 

In almost all cases you’ll find yourself realising that there is no truth to the thought at all. And then you can identify where you might need to do further work and take action.

STEP THREE: Take action

YES, you could simply try and change this belief in your mind but for me, I prefer to take an action step to show proof that it’s a limiting belief. And that it’s totally untrue.

Let’s go back to my example of Yoga. 

Once I realised I had a whole lot of limiting beliefs around Yoga… instead of listening to the limiting thoughts, I took a step towards Yoga.

I did a Yoga class.

I made this more do-able by going to class with my Sister. I did a beginners class. I did a class that I knew wasn’t busy or filled with Yogis who had been practising for years and years. 

It doesn’t have to be a huge action step, it can be small. 

STEP FOUR: Feel a sense of accomplishment, a small win

Once you’ve taken an action step your body, mind and soul will begin to identify that the thoughts were not true. 

You’ll feel a sense of accomplishment which will give you newfound confidence to take the next step.

STEP FIVE: How you do one thing is how you can do everything

The cool thing about pushing past one limiting belief is that it is proof that you can push past another limiting belief. 

You begin to realise that so much of the stuff that holds you back in life is created by your own limiting thoughts and interpretations.

And once you start pushing past the limiting beliefs it allows you to start believing in YOU.

This self-belief then allows you to create the life you truly desire.

Always merrymaking,


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