If there’s one thing you do today…

STOP comparing your body and yourself to other people. 

We will be blunt about it because it’s a habit that is not only a waste of time but WOW does it get you feeling flat, dull and mediocre. 

Because when us humans do compare, we generally compare upwards. You compare yourself to the people with…

  • a ‘better’ body, 
  • more money, 
  • a ‘better’ job, 
  • the more ‘successful’ business and career, 
  • the ‘perfect’ relationship, 
  • the ‘perfect’ life. 

And all of these comparisons are absolutely made up in your mind.

Because who decided what is BETTER and what is PERFECT and what is SUCCESSFUL?

Well… you did! 

And how do you even know exactly how and what these people’s lives are really like? 

Oh wait… you don’t! 

When we allow these thoughts to rule, there is no possibility of contentment or joy.

You’ll be forever be desiring something more, something ‘better’, and in your mind, you will never be enough. 

Ouchhh… that reality hurt a little. But we all need a dose of this every now and then. ?

Let’s delve a little deeper into body comparison. 

Today it’s easier than ever to find yourself comparing your body to another.

Open your Instagram, your Facebook and BAM there’s an influencer, a celebrity, or an insta model showing their best side.

AND boom, you compare yourself. 

If there is one thing you do today…. UNFOLLOW the accounts that lead you to comparison.

Even if you (mostly) like following them… if you find yourself comparing and feeling crap about YOUR life (the only one you have)…

U N F O L L O W.

And let’s also remember what you’re seeing can be far from the truth.

There are so many apps that tweak, smooth and alter images these days… urghhh… we love real, give us your cellulite bumps, give us the stretch marks, give us your freckles, pimples and fat rolls and all the things that make you… YOU.

And yes, you will see our fat rolls in our Yoga and Pilates videos.

And now, think about what these fitness Insta models, celebrities, influencers need to do to create that body. 

We know from our past experience we can be fitter, thinner versions of ourselves, we also…

  • spent double the time exercising
  • triple the time thinking about meal times
  • felt endless guilt about that celebration dinner
  • felt scared to say YES to that invite as we weren’t sure what the menu would be
  • said NO to the opportunity because it interfered with the workout routine
  • said no to the gelato, ahhh but life is better with gelato!

And really this just scraped the surface! But you get it, we were completely obsessed, consumed, and driven by our desires to be ‘thin’.

And the dangerous thing was… whatever number we reached, it wasn’t enough. 

It was when we realised this, that our minds began to shift a gear.

Actually, that’s not true, it was when our periods completely disappeared and our hormones began playing havoc when we realised this way of living and thinking is not right. 

And maybe it’s not like that for you! Boom, amazing you love your routine, it’s working for you, keep going.

BUT… if you’re anything like us, that way of life is toxic.

Not only does it make you physically sick (losing your period is not healthy!), it takes up all the space in your mind… you become so focused on the weight and the body that you don’t make space for new ideas, career opportunities, that biz idea, the relationships, family, friendships or for love.

This Magical Beautiful Life is happening NOW!

Stop putting it off, stop waiting to lose the extra 5kg (or whatever amount) to do the things you love. Stop waiting to accept and show love towards yourself.

You’re amazing just as you are… right HERE and right NOW. In this body you have.

Always merrymaking,

Emma + Carla

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