Keeping up my Exercise while Travelling in Rome (some thoughts)


Keeping up my exercise while travelling in Rome has not only been easy, but it’s been very beneficial. Beneficial on a mind and body health level, on a work and business level and happiness and relationship level. So perhaps, on a whole life level (hah). 

I’ve noticed when I am travelling (and not with Carla or Mum), I pratice a lot more MerryBody classes. This is because when I am with Carla and Mum, I usually teach Pilates or Carla will teach Yoga. I miss teaching them (and I miss them in general) BUT I am grateful for this time and it makes me even more appreciative of the time I get with my family. 

Pressing play on a MerryBody class (almost) each day here in Rome, Italy, has got me feeling extremely proud of what we’ve created. It’s not only that they’re great workouts, but I’ve noticed a huge positive boost for my mind, especially while out of my usual routine.

The MerryBody App just makes it ridiculously easy to keep up a healthy regular presence and exercise pratice while travelling. And look, if I was travelling for just one week, perhaps I wouldn’t worry about having a break from my regular exercise routine BUT being away for 6 weeks I believe it is truly important to make the time for your practice. Not just for physical health but for mental health as well. Not just for health but for patience levels and relationships too! We all know travelling can be stressful at times, patience is a necessity! The benefits of exercise ripples out to every aspect of my life. 

If you want to try out a free MerryBody class you can over here!

Keeping up My Exercise While Travelling in Rome (some thoughts)

Exercise while travelling helps me be more present

Yoga and Pilates are ultimate presence practices, they are not only exercises that build strength and flexibility, but they also build your capacity to be present, to be in the moment. This is so important when travelling, to soak everything in – the amazing places and experiences.

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been to Renaissance villas, palaces and castles. Hiked up snowy mountains. Stepped through medieval ruins and walked the ancient streets of Rome.

Then there’s the food, the art, the culture and the conversations (sometimes half conversations with the language break down).

To truly enjoy and make the most of these amazing experiences, I need to be present. My daily Yoga and Pilates strengthens my ability to get present, and as Carla always says “What you walk on the mat, you walk off the mat”.


Flexibility of exercise schedules is essential

I am rolling out the mat at all different times of the day. If we have no morning plans, I wake up, pop the moka on the stove and choose my class. Lately, I’ve been using the curated weekly plan, it makes it so easy! I then have my espresso, roll out the mat and do the class (I’ve been stacking 2 or 3 some days).

If we’re out and about early in the day, I’ll roll out my mat before we go out for dinner. This has been so useful for two reasons. Not only do I get my practice in but I also feel energised for dinner plans. Here we are going out for dinner at 8:30, 9 or even 10 pm (no joke!). A 20-minute Pilates class is the ultimate energiser to help me keep up with the Italians (I am often falling asleep in the car rides home!).

NOTE: I eat dinner at 7 pm at home, and before I met Damiano it was 6 pm! We chose 7 for a happy middle ground time (haha). But I am noticing he keeps trying to stretch it out to 7:30. 


Let go of rigidity 

There have also been some days when I’m not getting on the mat, days where we’ve been walking a lot or I just don’t feel like it. Past me would have forced myself to do something, even if was exhausted. Now, after all my work on self-acceptance, letting go of the rigidity of a strict workout is so natural.

This also flows onto food! Let me tell you, I am eating more than usual. I am eating more dessert. More bread. More pasta. Drinking more wine. Yes, if I was eating this way always, 365 days a year… it is not healthy! However, it’s for a short period. I’m on holiday. I am enjoying the traditions, culture and passion of my partner’s home country. So  I will do so with no guilt, and if I feel anxiety about it I will let it go and continue to enjoy this special time in my life. 

Read more about my journey with self-acceptance,  diets, food and pasta over here. 

Remember to dive in (before you are ready)

Another thing I’ve noticed while doing so many MerryBody Classes is that the classes I taught and recorded over the last year are far better than those recorded 2 years ago (and far far far better than 5 years ago haha).

During some of my older classes, I wondered, who on earth is this girl (as in past me)?! It’s quite amazing, to see how much my confidence has grown, how my teaching has improved, how I am more authentic now on camera, and more accepting of who I am.

And this reminded me of a core lesson we share in our Yoga Teacher Training Course. ​

That when you begin something new, you’re not meant to be an expert at it yet. Whether it’s learning: how to be a Yoga Teacher, or a new language, how to ride a bike or how to play an instrument.

In fact: it’s more than fine if you completely suck at it… because you are showing up TO LEARN! If you were already an expert you wouldn’t need to learn.

And then: the best way to learn is to do, the more you practise the better you become.

I am so glad we began MerryBody before we felt ready. Before we felt like we’d perfected our teaching methods. Before we thought we were ‘good enough’. If we’d waited… we would not be where we are today!

What have you been waiting for? Perhaps, it’s time to dive in…?

If you’ve been thinking about starting a new exercise regime read more about our MerryBody App and Community over here. If you are interested in Yoga Teacher Training (ahh we are so excited for you!), read more about our next training over here! We begin on the 17 March, it’s going to be amazing! 

Always merrymaking,
Emma ( and Carla)



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