Merrymaker Link Love | November 2014.

This is what grabbed our attention and what we’re loving at the moment! It’s Merrymaker link love! Love love love!

merrymaker link love

We’re reading Growing into Grace: Daily Love by Mastin Kipp and The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle, as you can imagine there is inspiration coming at us! We love reading!

Yay for Blog Society and the launch of the Blog Love Studio shop! Find cute blogging checklists and note cards here.

We’re working on a brand new eBook! YAY! It’s summer so that means hello fresh, delicious healthy salads! A whole mini merrymaker eBook full of them! We’ll let you know as soon as it’s ready!

Don’t tell Carla I wrote this (it’s Emma writing this by the way!)… she is actually in L.O.V.E! With a boy she met in the US and he is visiting her! It’s like a real life fairy tale. I predicted their wedding when I saw them together (I might actually be able to tell the future… or all this paleo eating and meditation is working wonders for my intuition!). Let’s see if it’s meant to be or if her merrymaking ways will scare him off! 😉

This is some delayed link lovin’ but Coco Whip needs to be here! It’s all kinds of amazing healthy soft serve (no word of a lie!) made of coconut water and coconut pro-biotic. We tried it at BSKT Cafe on the Gold Coast a few weeks back. Please come to Canberra! Actually… that could be dangerous!

Our lovely friend Jen from Rumbles Paleo has written her own children’s book and it’s actually adorable! Perfect for cavekids… or any kid! Check it out! On sale from 13 November!

What about the products…

We’ve been wearing our new Reebok  Les Mills workout pants. Have we ever mentioned how much we love active wear?

We’ve been testing out some of the BioGlan SuperFood products! Getting extra greens in with the kale powder.

We’re so excited about our OTI organisers! Bring on an organised 2015! They are super cute and make planning oh so fun and easy! 

We’ve always been Mac girls… but guess what! We got new Microsoft Pros and they officially rock! We’re sure they’ll make our blogging lives a whole lot easier. Woohoo!

Merrymakers spotted…

Did you catch Carla on Recipe to Riches (yes, national TV!) the other night? Merrymaker Mousse didn’t make it to the supermarket shelves BUT we sure did learn a lot! Read about the real Recipe to Riches experience here!

Always merrymaking,


merrymaker link love

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