Paleo Cafe’s Whole30 with Ingrid White.

If you follow a paleo lifestyle then you may have heard of the Whole30! You may have seen the Paleo Cafe’s Whole30 mentioned on the interwebs! We did!

The Paleo Café recently held an Australia-wide ‘Paleo Cafe Whole30’ challenge, so instead of us going on about the whole30, we have the super lovely Ingrid from Paleo Café to give the whole30 run down, share her favourite whole30 paleo recipe and her favourite inspirational quotes (everyone loves quotes right!?).

If you’re after the Paleo Cafe Mango Avocado and Macadamia Salad recipe, click here. Ingrid says it’s so delicious, fresh and wholesome!

Always merrymaking,

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ps. To Ingrid, you are most welcome to stay at the merrymaker house anytime! And this is us officially inviting ourselve to Cairns!

Hello merrymakers… I’m Ingrid White – Paleo Café’s Marketing and Events Manager, Franchise Enquiry Contact and PA to Founders Jai and Marlies Hobbs.

Basically I have one of the most varied, interesting, fulfilling, fun, and rewarding jobs out there! I’m constantly learning, growing and meeting amazing people every day!

You get the staff that you deserve. To hear your boss (Founders of Paleo Café, Jai & Marlies Hobbs) say this is very touching, especially as I’m constantly being inspired and excited by the continual growth and success behind Paleo Café. This success is fuelled by an absolute team effort – we’re all very close and have a great deal of respect and appreciation for one another. To find this in a business and a franchise at that is exceptional and I’m very grateful!

The Paleo Café Whole30 Challenge is based on the Whole30 program created by Dallas & Melissa Hartwig. They have a book “It Starts with Food” and this goes into all the details of the program.

The point is to reset your body – taking it back to a neutral platform through eating whole foods for 30 days. The focus is on eating real foods including lean meats, fish, eggs, vegetables, fruit, nuts, seeds and berries. It’s not a ‘diet’ – you eat balanced meals of protein, fibre, iron, fats and carbohydrates, enough to maintain strength, energy, activity levels and a healthy body weight.

This was the first national challenge Paleo Café implemented since becoming a franchise and it involved four Paleo Cafes from around Australia with tremendous support and involvement.

There were around 300 participants who joined for different reasons: weight loss, auto-immune diseases, to detox or an introduction to Paleo. The testimonials we’ve received on completion of the Paleo Café Whole30 Challenge (which ran from February 1 – March 2 2014) have been nothing short of touching.

I personally experienced some amazing benefits while doing the Whole30! I was told by several people that I was glowing and radiating. Is that not enough to want to continue?! The whites of my eyes were very clear and bright too! I found balanced energy levels which was awesome – no more spiking and plummeting and goodbye three-thirty-itis!! The clarity of mind has been amazing, to have a quiet mind with greater focus. All these benefits are a new found joy.

Everyone wants to know about the physical measurement results – I said “Seeya” to 1.4kgs and 26cms in total from my body.

Of course there were also challenges! The biggest challenge was changing my thoughts and breaking lazy habits like; “I can’t have that!?” Waaahhh!! or “Ummm… so whose idea was this?! Mine!” I’m like Nina from Offspring – the mental conversations I have with myself are a lil bit nuts!

Once I got over the fact that I couldn’t ingest anything that was ‘paleofied’ (anything processed – sauces, flours, smoothies) I got on with being organised and put in some extra effort. So what if I’m unable to choose whatever I want from a food cabinet or off a menu, I’m changing my life and feeling wonderful for it.

Here are my tips for a healthier lifestyle or for anyone attempting a Whole30.

Balance. Find YOUR balance to wellness. We’re all individual with different tastes, desires, needs, expectations…understand what your balance is between health, work, lifestyle and relationships.

Be kind to yourself. Making any sort of positive change in your life is a great thing and often a big deal. If an old habit revisits don’t punish yourself. Instead appreciate that you’re now aware that you don’t want it in your life and then make a conscious effort to let that habit go from your life. This may be in regards to food, thoughts, lack of exercise, money, work etc.

Be your biggest supporter. Many will question your new choice in lifestyle, eating habits or routine and I guarantee you there are many who will take pleasure in trying to tempt you to quit! Don’t! You’re in charge of your own life and you’re doing this for you…right?! This is a time of growth – of course there’s going to be challenges. That’s life. Remember with any temptation or craving…this moment too shall pass!

Thanks for having me, I can’t wait to meet you both one day soon and have some merrymaker fun with a cook up in your kitchen!

Here’s Ingrid’s favourite quotes….

“I am not what happened to me, I am what I choose to become.” – Carl Jung

“Freedom comes the moment you realize that you are your own jail keeper and that you have held the key to your freedom all along.” – Deborah “Atianne” Wilson

Life is short. Hang out with people who make your heart smile.

A huge thank you to Ingrid for taking the time to share her story! We absolutely LOVED it!

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