Paleo Healthy Halloween Recipes For Everyone!

Sometimes we wish Halloween was as big in Australia as it is in America. A. it’s fun. B. you get to dress up and C. it involves loads of yummy food! We’ve searched the interwebs and found the most fun, cute and yum paleo healthy halloween recipes! 1, 2, 3 round-up!

paleo healthy halloween recipes_the merrymaker sisters

  1. A super cute fruit head! We would use this as a totally awesome table centrepiece! Your guests will be impressed with your creativity! Plus, everyone loves fruit!
  2. Jacko-lantern sweet potato fries! These might take a little bit more time to cut out those eyes and mouth but it’s totally worth it! Get our recipe to make them super crunchy! This is definitely one of our favourite paleo healthy halloween recipes!
  3. Veggie skeleton! What a great idea to get the kiddies (and kids at heart) to eat their veggies! Not just for halloween, keep the dinner table fun and try it out this week!
  4. Teethy apple bites! We LOVE this paleo healthy halloween recipe idea. With no baking required, all you have to do is chop your apples and put the toothy grins together! A hit with everyone (nut butter… drool!).
  5. Our paleo jelly lollies! Part of our Kiddie Recipe eBook! Make a stash to give all those cute trick-or-treaters!
  6. The coolest looking spider web boiled eggs EVER! They are really easy to make!
  7. Banana Pecan Macaroons from our fave Balanced Bites! Plus she has her own paleo halloween recipe round up too!
  8. These have got to be the coolest things ever from Nom Nom Paleo! Yummy Mummies! We think they’d be all kinds of yum! Get the kids involved and whip up these tasty bites together!
  9. Popped quinoa choccy crackles from The Ancestral Body (#yum!). Quinoa sits on the paleo fence but we think these would be flipping YUM!

We’d LOVE to see your healthy halloween recipe creations and your costumes! Share them with us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter with #themerrymakersisters

Always merrymaking,

Emma + Carla

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  1. Hi girls I love your site! Halloweens alot of fun- especially if you’re a youngster! Was wondering if you heard that white potatoes are now whole 30 friendly and also that nom nom paleo and Chris Kesser both advocate white rice – am unsure whether to start including them in my diet or not! On the one hand I would love some carbs apart from sweet potatoes as I am a bit sick of them, but on the other hand I’d like to get a few more opinions on the matter before making my decision. Do you have any thoughts or experiences with these food groups? xx Keep writing girls! Thanks for your lovely articles : D

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    Hi Susan! Thanks for your comment!! We always promote and always will… To do what works for YOU and what makes YOU feel good! Everyone’s ‘paleo’ is a little different and it’s important to be aware of what our bodies tell us! We eat a fairly low carb diet on days we don’t workout and then increase carbs on hard workout days. We usually stick to sweet potato and parsnips/carrots (delish!). We have white potatoes occasionally and might have sushi every now and again (probably twice in the last year really haha!). You could test them out and see how you feel! Might even be a good idea to keep a food diary while you test them out! Let us know how you go 🙂 e + c

  3. Love these ideas! So fun and cute, and a great way to mix in healthy treats without the kiddies knowing 😉

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