I Quit Sugar Slow Cooker Cookbook Review.

You guys all know we are huge fans of Sarah Wilson and we’re super excited to bring you our review of the I Quit Sugar Slow Cooker Cookbook.

The book includes 85 sugar free slow cooker recipes including one pot meals, hearty breakfasts, stews, curries and sweet treats! With easy to follow recipes and a stack of pre-content like ‘How To Buy Your Meat’, ‘Why Offal Is Good For You’, ‘How To Use Leftovers’, ‘Pantry Essentials’ and much more, this book is the perfect addition to your healthy recipe book collection. The recipes and book is full of love, with recipe contributions from the I Quit Sugar team, Sarah’s family, Matt Preston (from Master Chef), Margaret Fulton (Aussie foodie/cooking royalty) and Kate Gibbs (we first heard of Kate when reading a great article about 20-somethings getting in the kitchen and we obviously loved it! What we didn’t know is that Kate is Margaret Fulton’s Granddaughter! Clearly talent runs in the family… YAY we <3 family!).

Merrymaker bundle

Although we don’t have too many slow cooker recipes on our merrymaker hub we sure do love our slow cooker (especially when Merrymaker Mum makes them for us!). There is nothing better than walking through your front door and smelling the delciousness coming from your kitchen. Read more about why we love our slow cooker!  Back to the I Quit Sugar Slow Cooker Cookbook, so you can get a taste of what you’re in for, we’ve picked out our favourite recipes from each section…

Stupidly Simple Staples- Easy Beef Stock, be paleo-prepared! You can use this stock in, well, every recipe that requires stock! 

Hearty Breakfasts- Morning Tea Muesli Slice, LOVE the look of this! Make a batch and your breakfasts for the week are covered. 

Stews and Curries- Sarah’s Mum’s Hungarian Goulash sounds perfect for these cold Canberra nights! Serve with a side of greens and a slice of our savoury paleo bread (actually all of our breads would be tasty!)

Weekday Dump and Run- Sarah’s Cinnamon Beef Cheeks, we’ve never cooked beef cheeks and it’s definitely about time we do! Plus, when cinnamon is involved, you know you’ve got the merrymakers on board!

Comfort Classics and Pot Roasts- Roast Chook with Leek and Fennel… leek and fennel = BFFs, you know it’s going to be tasty.

A Little Offally Chapter- All Day, Every Day Pate… it’s time to try pate again! 

Same, Same But Different- ‘Barbequed’ Pulled Pork, we can tell you that this recipe is AMAZEBITES and kind of revolutionary! The flavours are outta control and we had left overs for days! Get our take on the recipe here! 

A Few Clever Sides- ‘Honey Mustard’ Root Veggies. Drool!

Cakes and Puds- Lime, Coconut and Poppy Seed Cake with Zesty Coconut Butter OH. MY. FOOD. Get in our bellies. Who knew you could use your slow cooker for such deliciousness. We are definitely getting on the dessert slow cooker train. 

As we mentioned, the first recipe we tested was the ‘barbequed’ pulled pork! And wow were we impressed by this tasty, delicious recipe! :Q_ _ _ (this is a drool face). The best bit was that we got our pork on sale from our butcher and it seriously lasted all week!  Amazing… and pretty sure it was the topic of our conversation for 4 days straight! Get the recipe here (and drool at the picture below!).

Sarah Wilson's Sugar-Free 'Barbequed' Pulled Pork4

Most of the recipes are paleo (you can easily tell by the use of cute recipe category symbols) and the majority of the others can easily be paleo-fied with a few chops and changes, like:

  • where recipes use beans, pasta, barley or rice, simply swap for extra veggies
  • swap any tamari and soy sauce for coconut aminos
  • swap regular cream for coconut cream or milk
  • white potatoes >>> sweet potato
  • butter (if you don’t like butter… we do), swap it for coconut oil
  • swap gluten free plain flour for coconut flour or almond meal
  • where there is wine, add extra stock or water instead
  • rice malt syrup >>>  raw honey or stevia

We can’t wait to give our slow cooker the best workout with all of these amazing recipes. Keep an eye out for some on-the-go instagram photos! 

Always merrymaking,

Emma + Carla


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