The problem with your fat rolls and cellulite

fatrolls-cellulite-birth-of-venus (1)

What if there was absolutely nothing wrong with your fat rolls and cellulite? What if the only problem was how you think about them?

Today’s beauty ideals may say thinness = beauty.

Instagram filters may make us believe, smooth skin = beautiful skin.

But we each can choose to not believe this!

The easiest way to know for sure that beauty ideals are complete BS is to take a look back at history.

Look at the women that were painted by the great Renaissance artists.

Birth of Venus by Botticelli

fatrolls-cellulite-birth-of-venus (1)

In this era of history, the ideal woman seems to have ample bosom, rounded tummy and fuller hips.

Flora by Titian


Fast forward to the 1920s and we’ve got the Flapper Girl. This time, the ideal woman is flat chested, with no defined waist, with a ‘boyish figure’.

Then onto the 50’s and the curves are back! Think Marilyn Monroe and her hourglass figure, large breasts and slim waist.


1990’s and we are back to thin, this time it’s extremely thin. Think: Kate Moss.

And now, where are we today in 2023? Big booty, small waist, flat tummy, fit and strong (but make sure muscles are not too big). Think Kim Kardashian. But did you see? Now she’s just lost a tonne of weight!

Or, can we choose to tap out of all this?

You see, it’s not about picking where you and your body fit in the history of ideals. It’s more about recognising the stupidity of it all!

And knowing that we can each choose to see the beauty in what ever we want to. We don’t need society to tell us what is beautiful and what is not.

All these women in history are beautiful. But all the other women who did not fit that current ideal were too.

This is why with MerryBody Yoga, Pilates and Meditation Classes we don’t focus on the external transformation. We don’t count calories, we don’t do before and afters, we don’t take your measurements.

In fact, we celebrate YOU and YOUR BODY, right here and right now.

We want you to move your body because we know how good exercise can make you feel.

We choose Yoga and Pilates because these movement practices help you get present. They help you feel more gratitude, for your body and life. They help you let go of negative self talk.

We also connect the classes with the message of Self-Acceptance. We remind you throughout the classes that you are amazing, just as you are, right here and right now.

If you’re like us and have had a lifetime of thinking your body was ‘not right’ it takes more than one article to unlearn it.

If you’re ready to work on this mindset shift around your body and beauty ideals, sign up to the I Am Already Amazing Challenge.

We begin on the 23 January, learn more and sign up OVER HERE!

Always merrymaking,
Emma + Carla

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