This is Why You Should Embrace Short Yoga Classes


If you’re not exercising enough, it’s time to embrace short workouts and even short Yoga classes. Finding time for a full length Yoga class in a studio can be challenging! You’ve got the hour for the class, then add the travel and parking time. You need at least an hour and half in total and, we know for many, this seems impossible.

After all, the best workout is the one you do!

Even better, the one you do… on a regular basis.

But also, you’ll be amazed by the positive effects of a short Yoga Class.

Don’t believe us? Try this short Yoga class now! 


This 8 minute Yoga flow works wonders for your mind and body. In just 8 minutes you’ll feel a shift in your energy and how you feel. Your heart rate will pump a little faster, you’ll feel more present and calm in your mind and body. You’ll feel energised, in a better mood with a sense of accomplishment. Yes, all this in 8 minutes. 

This is why you should embrace short Yoga classes!

Keep reading and get inspired to hit play on our super short yet effective 8 minute Yoga Flow! This is just one of the 550+ classes inside our MerryBody App! There’s even a simple-to-use filter so you can find all your short classes.

Boost mental clarity and focus

An 8 minute Yoga flow is like hitting a reset button. This class will completely shift how you feel, it will clear your mind, get you present and help you focus. The movement with breath creates mind-body connection and this will reduce brain fog, enhance your concentration and help you move through challenges. It’s the perfect class to schedule into your work lunch break! 

Exercise more consistently

Short Yoga sessions are far easier to fit into a busy schedule. This means you are more likely to create a consistent practice. You are far better off doing short classes 4-7 times a week compared to one full-length class every now and then. 

Enhance your flexibility and mobility

Even in a short class you will experience improved flexibility and mobility. With regular pratise, even for just 8 minutes, you’ll stretch and strengthen muscles, promote better joint health and reduce the risk of injury.

De-stress and welcome in relaxation

Yoga is known for its stress-relieving factor. An 8-minute flow can serve as a quick stress release, helping to calm the mind, lower cortisol levels and welcome relaxation.  

Energise your body

Are you sick of waking up and feeling sluggish? Then start your day with a short Yoga flow. The combination of stretching and breathing exercises wakes up the body, boosts energy levels and will leave you feeling rejuvenated

Improve posture, build core strength and prevent back pain

Yoga is an amazing method to help you build core strength and improve posture. This combination is essential in creating better posture and looking after the health of your spine. 

Breathe better

A major part of Yoga is breath control (read more about Pranayama over here). Even a short Yoga practice can enhance your awareness of your breath. This breath awareness helps in relieving stress and emotional regulation. It calms the nervous system which goes on to impact every other functionality of the body. 

Be more mindful

In today’s crazy busy world, it’s important to consciously connect with the present moment and pratise mindfulness. This action will welcome a sense of peace and inner balance.

Short Yoga classes are powerful tools for improving health and boosting mental clarity and emotional wellbeing. Whether you are new to Yoga or an avid practitioner with a jam-packed schedule, press play on this short Yoga class and check in with how you feel. 

Always merrymaking,

Emma + Carla

Ps. If you want access to more short Yoga classes sign up for a free trial of our MerryBody App over here.

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