Merrymaker Club

Create a less stressed life, where you feel energised and empowered every day!

An online exclusive membership which gives you access to meal plans, amazing recipes and supportive community.


Hey! We’re Emma and Carla, the Merrymaker Sisters.

Nothing beats the feeling of being organised and having an exact plan to follow. 

Takes you from “I have no idea where to begin!” to “heck yeah, I feel on top of the world and I can do ANYTHING!”

We’re here to help you discover a way of living that will make you feel and look your best!

A life that isn’t controlled by what you can and can’t eat. Because you have better things to do than worry about food. 


Are you always too busy? Trying to fit in work, kids, family, friends?

There’s just no time to get organised…  ‘get healthy’ is last on your never-ending to do list.

We’re here to help! Merrymaker club gives you the meal plans, shopping lists, prep tips and tasty recipes to make healthy living fun and easy.

This is the kind of food you’ll eat…

Merry Berry Crunch Cereal

Orange and Strawberry Smoothie

Sweet Treat Sundays is a ‘thing’

Is your healthy meal plan looking a little boring and blah?

Does chicken, brown rice and broccoli sound familiar? No thanks! 

Club recipes follow 3 simple rules: they gotta be quick, easy and delish/freaking yum!

Done for you meal plans, shopping list and prep tips makes healthy eating do-able and exciting!

Here’s some more recipes to drool over…

Merry Meatballs

Vego Grain Free Pizza

Actually Healthy Fish and Chips

So how does it work?

If you like plans… and fun and yum, then the club is for you. 

When you become a member, you get super awesome, exclusive meal plans and recipes EVERY single month.

Rather than paying separately for every meal plan (which you can do… but the club makes it cheaper), you get them automatically delivered!

Kind of like a magazine (but better!).

You get access to our supportive private community! It’s a whole lot of amazing where we get to hang out every day, keep each other accountable and have FUN.

Exclusive recipes designed to make you feel and look your best!

Gluten free

Refined sugar free

Dairy and grain free options

Real food only

Quick and easy

Shopping lists and tips

Mocha Chia Pudding

White Chocolate Smoothie

Choc Berry Pancakes (in bed)

As a member, get access to all the cool stuff…

  • Connector.

    Meal Plans and Shopping Lists

    Get a new 7 Day Meal Plan and shopping list every month to get you organised and motivated to live healthy.

  • Connector.

    Delish Recipes Every Month

    Every One-Week Meal Plan is filled with 15 new, quick and easy recipes with simple instructions. All recipes are real food only!

  • Connector.

    Exclusive Facebook Group

    We’ll help you stay accountable, on track and set goals. Ask questions, share recipes, get inspired by others and have fun while you’re at it! Our community manager ensures all threads get a high value response.

Healthy Bacon Beef Burgers

Gyros Bowls

Amazing Nachos (that cheese!)

What our members really think…

I am in control…

“Somewhere along the journey I came across The Merrymaker Sisters. It was like meeting your best friend – your kindred spirit. I immediately loved their enthusiasm and passion for healthy living. As I started to experiment with their recipes I found I could create meals that were simple and delicious. I started to feel so much more in control of my health.” Michelle

We’re inspired again…

“With a positive attitude and fantastic support network, we’ve formed new habits that we intend to keep for life. We have rediscovered our passion for food, and we honestly couldn’t have done it without the girls’ constant amazing guidance. They inspire us to share our journey as we shop, cook, eat and move our way back to health! We are forever grateful!”Matt and Nat

Just do it!

“If you want to understand the fundamentals of healthy living, this is for you. The Merrymaker Sisters, the sharing community on Facebook and the genuine care and support Emma and Carla provide will make this the most rewarding, supportive and inspirational journey you’ve ever been on. This is the way to a better you! Just do it! I am so glad I did!” Kylie

Wondering if Merrymaker Club is for you?

These are the types of people joining (and loving!) the club right now…

Just starting your health journey

Are you racing against the clock, trying to fit in work, kids, study, family, friends? Health and happiness is a priority but you can’t fit it in. Merrymaker Club includes meal plans, shopping lists, recipes, mentors and more!

No time to eat healthy

You want to look and feel your best but you have no idea where to start and NO time to figure it out. Merrymaker Club will provide the support and tools you need to start your health journey. With our focus on accountability we’ll help make sure you stick to it!

On and off healthy

Do your health kicks start every Monday and are your weekends allocated for bingeing? We feel ya! That used to be us. There’s no diet in the Club. It’s about eating real, unprocessed, delish food, using quick and easy recipes.

No support or motivation

Are you alone on your health journey? Healthy, happy living is easier and more fun when you have others to keep you accountable and motivated. Connect with like minded people, swap ideas, share wins and struggles, feel supported and make new friends.

Merrymaker Club makes your health and happiness attainable and most importantly… FUN!

Take advantage of our quarterly offer today, it’s just $30! And your membership price will stay the same for as long as you’re a member!

“We used to be in an obsessive whirlwind of fad diets, calorie counting and disorderly eating… when we changed our lifestyle to include just real, natural, delicious food, our entire world transformed. We’re here to help you do the same. It’s time to get healthy… and STAY healthy.” Emma and Carla, aka Merrymaker Sisters