Don’t make these 4 mistakes like we did…


Our health journey hasn’t been smooth sailing, no. Quite the opposite! Ups. Downs. On the wagon. Off again. We’ve made every ‘mistake’ you can think of… today, we share the 4 top mistakes we made so you don’t make them too!


We went nuts about nuts. They were on the ‘YES’ list so we ate them… we ate a lot of them! We’re talking a kilo a day (not kidding, well maybe a slight exaggeration). Ever noticed what happens after too many nuts? Sinus problems, itchy throat, sick tummies and if you eat a kilo a day you will put on weight! Remember, a serving of nuts is around 30 grams, this is like 20 almonds.

SOLVE IT: If you’re a once you pop you can’t stop kinda nut person… then go for something else, like veggie sticks, some berries or a slice of grain free protein bread!


Healthy sweet treats. Sah yum. But say it out loud: THEY. ARE. STILL. TREATS. Bloody awesome treats but note to all merrymakers: don’t eat the whole cake in one sitting! Sharing is so caring in these situations. We say one serve of sweet treat a week is awesome (because life is too short to say no to dessert!). Eat it on a Sunday so you can join in on our Sunday Sweet Treat tradition!

SOLVE IT: If you make an entire sweet treat, either freeze separate portions or share with your friends (they will love you!). Below is our healthy Banoffee Cake… um hello delish!



Everyone told us it doesn’t matter if you don’t exercise… just eat right and you’ll be fine! But for us, this wasn’t the case. When we stopped exercising (full stop) we felt like crap. No happy endorphins were flowing and we felt blah. Even if it’s a 20 minute walk a day, you will feel way more amazing and super human than if you do absolutely nothing.

SOLVE IT: Find an exercise you LOVE and do that (we love pilates). If you haven’t found something you love… try something new!



Gosh have we had our share of overeating! Overeating can cause a bunch of health issues other than weight gain… like depression, sleep issues, leaky gut and more… plus you just feel so blah. Overcoming this didn’t happen overnight (like it has taken a long time), but it was a change in mindset. It was a realisation that we have an abundance of food available all the time. Literally, we will never run out of food (grateful for that), so we never need to overeat.

SOLVE IT: After your first plate of food, have a 20 minute wait time before you go for seconds. If you feel full, put the food away and save it for leftovers. Leftovers ROCK our Merry socks!

There you have it. The 4 mistakes we’ve made during our lifetime of living our healthiest, happiest (merriest) lives possible.

The thing to remember is that if we make these mistakes again… that’s ok… it’s not about beating ourselves up and dwelling on stuff we can’t change. It’s about moving forward and making our next decision a super healthy, merry one.


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Do you struggle with these same mistakes? Let us know in the comments below!

Always merrymaking,

Emma + Carla

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